On a Stam hunt, share your expertise, please...

  1. While I carry many kinds of bags from Bbags to Koobas to Chloes, I am very drawn to the MJ Stams. Those classic lines, the details and that chain link strap...sigh...

    What advice would you pass on to someone hunting for their first Stam? What do you wish you had known beforehand?

    Please pass along some of that wisdom. *s
  2. There are several variations of the stam - the most recent stams have colored canvas interiors. Your best bet is to decide if you like patchwork versus quilted, and then which color you like best. They all come with gold hardware. The original stams - the first releases - had suede interior and have since been discontinued. If you like the suede interior, you'll have to surf eBay for a real one. They pop up frequently, but don't get them confused with the several fake stams. If you're not sure, post the auction in the auth thread and the girls there will help.

    My favorite current season stams are the berry quilted stam and the patchwork bordeaux stam. My past favorites include the patent leather stams and any stams with suede interior, especially the fall 05s and Putty.

    There are several threads in the reference forum you can research that will help narrow down your search.
  3. everyone says Stams are heavy, but until I got my ivory Stam, I didnt know HOW heavy. friends who carry my purse complain about how heavy it is WITHOUT anything inside. some TPFers decrease the weight by taking off the chain, but I usually keep mine on. for me, its the signature part! ive gotten used to the heaviness and i dont mind it so much anymore. when i do tire of it, i usually use the chain as a shoulder strap.

    some girls can fit the stam handles over their shoulder, but i cant. it depends on your body type.

    a Saks SA once told me that the Stam's classic colors (black) never go on sale, but ive heard of people getting black stams on sale. i got my ivory stam on sale, but the SA told me that ivory was considered seasonal in Spring '07.

    i LOVE my stam. it's surprisingly versatile and I use mine quite often.
  4. I carry Koobas and a Chloe Paddy, I can handle heavy. *s

    Those are all great tips. And I do tend to like the quilted 2005 ones with the suede interiors, they seem so plush. I saw the icy Taupe ones, lovely and the classic black would work too, not sure what other colors might be available.

    Is it true that the kiss locks sometimes malfunctioned and would not stay closed on the older ones?
  5. I'm on a stam hunt too... But I can't make myself pay full price after reading that people have gotten them for much much less.

    Oh and I love the stam, but I think I may get the kid as it isn't as big. But the only difference bewteen the kid and the little baby stam are the handles? I love the handles.

    Is the kid heavy like the regular stam?
  6. Hi ladysalesrep195! Maybe you can look at the stam hobo as well. This one doesn't have the kisslock feature. It's a massive bag and you can fit more in the hobo than the regular stam. I have the mouse stam hobo (picture below from eluxury) and I find that it's such a great neutral color. Hope you find the stam you want. Happy shopping!:heart:

  7. regeens, that Hobo is a beautiful bag too, wow!
  8. some of the kisslocks from the first season malfunctioned in that they were too loose to keep the bag shut. I never had that problem, but other pfers did. The newer ones have a ball mechanism to keep the bag shut better, but some now find them too difficult to open. You definitely have to play with it at the store and make sure you can open it comfortably.
  9. I think that the original stams are still the most beautiful. Something about the soft supple icy leather.

    I have the icy taupe from 05, and I think it one of my favorite bags still. The later stams are nice, but definitely have a stiffer, more rigid look to them.
  10. Do Stams Leather Loosen Up As You Use Them? Does Anyone Know...thanks
  11. I have this one too! I love it! It is so comfy and elegant, while fitting a lot of stuff!:heart:
  12. hobogirl77 oh yes, well they're soooooo soft already and then as they get older, the leather becomes softer, but still hold their stucture. i have
  13. ^^ i have noticed this about my stam hobo and all of my mj bags, i am getting an elastic stam soon.... will let you guys know how i like it