On A Serious Hunt For A Magenta...

  1. Hello ladies!
    I am on the hunt for a magenta twiggy, first or city! I'm not sure if the box came in this color - but if it did, than add that to the list. I haven't seen any on ebay - only a hobo which is not really my style!
    So, if anybody thinks they can help or point me in the right direction, please let me know. :yes:
    I just think about that color & I get all worked up :yahoo: It's definately LOVE :heart:
  2. magenta is sucha lovely color. I've been looking for a magenta anything for awhile now too...so far...nothing ! =/
  3. I agree, magenta is absolutely gorgeous. There's a hobo on Ebay right now from a PFer, but I don't see the hobo on your list. Too bad, it's beautiful! Good luck with the search!
  4. Thnx ladies! I am seriously chomping at the bit here! I feel like a junkie or something!!! LOL
    But, I couldn't be a junkie yet, b/c this would be my first b bag. And, out of all the colors to choose from ~ And there are a lot of colors... I've finally decided to go with this one! Even if it means I have to wait for one to come around. Oh well! It'll happen... Won't it???
  5. There were like 3 magenta firsts on ebay a few weeks ago...all at the same time! I'm sure they will come back around.

    They were all very reasonably priced too! I'll keep my eyes peeled for you though!
  6. yesssss magenta is the best! (but im a little biased since my only is a magenta first heehee) good luck girl!! :heart:
  7. There is a magenta box-I saw a Pfer's a while back! It's gorgeous!
  8. I just sold my magenta a couple weeks ago. I think they come in spurts on eBay..no worries you'll find your baby!!
  9. I love magenta!!!!! I have a first but wish I could get a bigger bag in the color.
  10. Thanks so much for all your replies ladies! :yes:

    emmakins - do you know if it was sold, or does she still have it??? Do you know who it was? :wondering

    rosetintsmyworld - OH! Thanks... :amazed: Rub it in why don't you LOL j/k! I see in your picture. And, I can't keep looking at it cause it's making me drool!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    mpark46 - Yeah... If you would do that, and if you happen to come across one in your searches, let me know immediately! LOL :nuts: I mean, I think I need help. I have dreamz about this bag!!!
    I think the thing that's really irritating me is - why couldn't I have fallen in love with a new color that I could very easily get. I had to go & fall in love with one of the rare & most wanted ones! For me... It figures & is very fitting if ya'll knew me better!

    Well - thanks for all your replies ladies! And, if ya'll could just keep your eyes peeled when you are out there searching, it would mean a great deal to me! This will be my first b bag... So it will be very very special!!!
    Goodnight everyone & take care until we meet again! :heart:

    With love,
  11. I've got a Magenta Purse but I'm hanging on real tight to her! =)
  12. Good luck with your search. I went through the "obssessed with magenta" phase too...:shame: