On A Scale of 1-10 contd.

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  1. Oranges?
  2. 8

    TPF-Playground ?:biggrin:
  3. 9.

  4. Not sure..don't own one..

    Your day thus far?
  5. 10+

    Your weekend plans?
  6. 10

    Your mood right now?
  7. 6.

    Your hairdresser's personality?
  8. 9

    Your current outfit?
  9. 0.2

    The cleanliness of the last house you'd visited?
  10. 8

    Your last meal?
  11. About 6.

    The full-ness of your current handbag?
  12. 8

    Your last date?
  13. Usually with DH 10, but today I was antsy bc of his driving attitude, so it's 7.5

    Your last shopping spree?
  14. 10 (very friendly saleswomen at Douglas, she gave me a lot of great samples):greengrin:

    your bf right now ?
  15. 10
    your job?