on a roll today - finally, jburgh's choo family pics

  1. Finally got the camera out to get some Choo family pictures. It is really overcast today, so I had to take indoor pictures. Tried to set up some fluorescent lights to take the yellow edge off of the incandescent lights. ps - I am an unskilled photographer.

    Get ready..............


    Are you?
  2. Let me guess....you have to get out the wide angle lens to fit them all in!! ;)
  3. :sweatdrop::hysteric::sweatdrop: Fork them over Sister!

    the suspense is killing me
    ( oops...I forgot, I'm suppose to be working)
  4. First the Mahala's...I loves my Mahalas!
    CognaC LPS, Poppy Red, and the beautiful Miss Python
    coglpmahala.jpg Mahaha_poppy copy.jpg pythmahala.jpg
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. Next, little Miss Electric Blue Maddy...
  7. Now the Black Malena with the gunmetal hardware. It gets a lot of use and is nice and slouchy!
  8. Oh, I see its "tease jburgh day" Tease away:p

    Here come the belted bags.....first the lonely, but so well loved Radiant:
    redradiant copy.jpg
  9. Then the "such a deal on the O" black biker leather Ring with the sneaky-snake trim. Love this bag (love all of them, really):
  10. Drool, drool, drool.
  11. Here comes the ever so lovely and feminine fuchsia pink watersnake Ross. Already in my will for Robynbenz:graucho:
  12. Little Miss Riki in metallic bronze coarse suede. Sorry for the bizarre orange reflections. This one doesn't get used often, she is delicate.
  13. The last of the belted girls to come down the catwalk are the Ramonas!
    Slick red calf, Tan biker leather/snake, and the gorgy forest green biker leather/snake...
    redramona copy.jpg bikerramonatan.jpg grbkramona.jpg
  14. Last come the glitter girls, both in brown glitter calf. The sparkle looks silvery IRL. Talia, and lastly Tayten:
    bgltalia.jpg bgltayten.jpg
  15. The very last picture is the whole family sitting on the couch. As I get ready to fix dinner and look at these pics, it dawns on me that we will eat ramen (10 for a dollar) until 2013.