On a quest to find a 25cm Black Birkin

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  1. I have come down with a case of psychosis! My goal is to find a Black Birkin in 25 or 30 by the end of this week! Who's gonna come on this psycho quest with me? I know I've finally lost it! :nuts:

    If one of you come across aa black Birky for me will you notify this crazy chick please?
  2. will sure do Bagg!!! Good luck and may the Hermès gods be with you!

    Any particular leather and hardware?
  3. Not really. Togo or Clemence. Any hardware will do because I'm torn between the 3 anyway. TYIA!!! :flowers:
  4. oooh -- i love shopping. does it need to be new?
  5. Why don't you take a quick trip to Toronto???
  6. Bagg.....how 'bout from a reseller????

    ....this is fun.........
  7. This is a fun challenge...can it be found? Black box even? Do you need it for an event or just because you want to have it?
  8. Toronto sounds like your best bet......
  9. Ah, I love a quest! Sending you good Genie-karma!!!! Will keep my eyes out in Madrid next week if you have not located one by then...
  10. I just called TO to search for my birkin and was told that they only have 2 birkins left. They are both red in a 30 and 35.
  11. I tried Toronto, I was told they have a 30cm in Garanche.

    Shopmom - I don't know if I want to try a reseller. Got a good one in mind?
    GF - I would want it to be new
    Kellybag - it's for me. I would like to find it.

    I'm going to call a couple of other stores I know, lets see what happens.
  12. Aller à l'enfer avec un sac à main de Birkin...

    Okay, I think I have most of this but had to do a search for "enfer"...

    You are going to hell with your Birkin handbag???

    Now you have me wanting an "evening" Birkin as well...:devil:
  13. Yes I am!
  14. Baggs, if I had another Birkin it would be a black 25 or 30, too! Wishing you the best of luck in finding one!!
  15. Good luck, Baggs! I love quests!