On a purse ban & in debt to Bank of DH

  1. Recently, I took a short work related trip to Oregon, better known as "land of no sales tax and place to shop til you drop." Thanks to blugenie, I found a store that carries BV in Oregon. I came home with some goodies, but had to wait for my BIG goodie which came at long last this past Monday. For the first time in my shopping career, I almost had to :bagslap: another woman for this bag...one of the SA's had this bag on hold for a wealthy client for almost a month which was a no-no, so when I saw it and said "I want it!" there was a bit of scurrying around to first locate this SA and second locate this client who was out of town. They managed to get her into the store the day I was flying out in order to get a decision out of her. There was much apologizing to me about the bag being on hold for so long, but the general consensus was that this valued client really wanted the bag. So, I loaded up and headed home, thinking I would call Saks to see if they still had this bag, bummed because of the sales tax I would have to pay. Lo and behold, on a layover on my flight home, I get a call from the SA saying that the bag was mine!!!!

    Of course, after I got done dancing in the aisle on the plane, I had to call DH to say that the bag I've been eyeing became available to me long before I had saved up enough $$! I was surprised to hear him say "I'll buy it and you pay me back later", because he has always maintained that I can buy whatever I want as long as I have money saved up for it. So...long story short, I am deeply in debt to the Bank of DH, but currently in possession of my lovely Ferro Roma:wlae: :yahoo:

    The color in the third picture is more accurate, not as blue as the first two. Can you see the sparkle in the leather? Totally worth being in debt and on purse ban!
    100_0263.jpg 100_0265.jpg 100_0264.jpg
  2. :party::party:

    I was JUST admiring pictures of this bag today, you're going to love using it sooooo much!!

    how exciting, congrats :love::flowers:
  3. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Beautiful bag ouija_board! I was almost worried you came back empty handed... your bag is gorgeous! :drool: Isn't ferro wonderful? especially with the gold hardware???!!! And aren't the gals there great? You'll have to tell me who helped you out... I'm sure we'll chat about your score the next time I'm in there, hehe.

    Enjoy your Roma. Your wonderful DH will be repaid many times over simply by the happiness it brings you :flowers:
  4. sooooo nice!
  5. beautiful! congrats!:woohoo:
  6. Wow, what a beauty! Totally worth it! :choochoo:
  7. Awww!!

    What a sweet DH you have, ouija_board! An absolutely GORGEOUS bag, and def worth it to get into DH debt for! :yahoo:
  8. OOH I saw his bag at the weekend and it was TDF. Totally loving your new bag, well worth the ban! Many Congrats!
  9. ouija board-enjoy your new bag in good health. it is gorgeous.
  10. Gorgeous!!!! I am DYING for a Roma bag. Congrats and enjoy. :drinkup:
  11. :heart:it is absolutely gorgeous! definitely worth every penny! i am thrilled for you! congratulations! when are u going to show us some lovely action shots?:graucho::graucho:
  12. Very pretty when I saw your title I went "oh dear" but this is just so sweet of your hubby.
  13. Many congrats to you and Hooray for your sweet hubby!!
    The colour is fascinating. I thought it was Moro when I saw the third pic.
    Can't wait to see some action pics!!
  14. ouija board, CONGRATULATIONS! I've always been in love with the Roma bag, and in Ferro it's especially beautiful! LOL at your story. :lol:
  15. ob my dear, I'm so happy for you! Such a lovely story and I love a good ending :yahoo: Your DH is def a keeper, how sweet of him to do so. You need to have so action shots for us.