On a more somber note, let's disucss this.....

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  1. The discussion on the eggplant that sold yersteday to one of the PF members was discussed for days, as was the religious Twiggy and several other bags in the past. It's part of what the forum is about, or so I thought.
    Someone from this forum, be it a troll or a regular member decided to email the seller and direct him to the thread in Achtung. He posted a very PO'ed post, then left. Later some people defended the seller, others didn't, it's all part of the forum.
    HOWEVER, I do think that it is not all right to report our threads here to strangers on ebay, as we are discussing ongoing auctions that some of us may be bidding on. I think it stinks, is immature and I can see no reason to ever do that except to start sh*t on here. What kind of repercussion or retaliation could this cause due to the seller seeing what was posted here, if one of the posters won the item, which did happen? I don't think any of us want to pay well over a thousand dollars then have to deal with a po'ed seller that read what you may have said, what your friends on here said, and they have the bag you just paid a LOT of money for. They can be nonrepsonsive to emails, hold shipping up, and who knows what else.
    I also hope that none of us would ever stoop so low as to report and authentic bag as fake to get it removed by ebay, so that we could make an offer. We all like bags, that's why we are here and it should be played fair. May the highest bidder win. I mean come on, these aren't rare diamonds or antiques, granted we love them, but in the end, they are just vintage handbags. :smile:
  2. ITA that it does no good to send sellers of bags over here as they aren't familar to what the forum is about and will read the thread and take it the wrong way. But I also know there are some insane people out there trolling about and causing trouble, as I was told once a bag that I won was a fake and that their cousin got scammed by the seller when in fact they were just trying to get the bag themselves, there was no cousin and the seller was a lovely person wrongly accused.
  3. That's terrible. The things people will do to get a used bag astounds me. Bidding high is one thing, doing underhanded things is quite another.
  4. I know this sounds silly, but I really look to you guys for advice, friendship, and laughs (not necessarily in that order). I am sad that someone here would do that. I am just hoping that it was not one of the regular posters that I have come to "know" and like.
  5. let's just try not to jump to conclusions about eachother :love:
  6. I came to this forum to learn about BBags. I've stayed because I love the challenge of authentication and the honest discussion that takes place. If I ask what other PFers think, I want to hear it all, without censorship. It's up to me to decide what's important to me and what isn't, what I'm willing to take a chance on or not.

    When the eggplant seller came onto the board, I felt a little uncomfortable. Not because I felt anything had been said that was out of line in an open discussion and couldn't be defended, but because I felt the sanctity of the board had been breached. Of course, it's open admission here, but I trusted that discussion is held to people like me. If sellers come here as members (and I don't mean members selling an occasional bag, but commercial sellers), I see some potential problems: I don't want to wade through pitches; I don't want sellers posing as members to talk up an auction; I don't wan't sellers posing as members disparaging some other seller's auction; and I certainly don't want sellers posing as members weighing in on the authentication thread (especially if the faux manufacturers get better at the bales, tags, etc!). That thread saves women thousands of dollars a day...and its cumulative value is immeasurable.

    I think (and it's just my opinion) that our needs as consumers are best served if we try to fly under the radar of the sellers. If someone thinks a thread is getting out of hand, speak up! But please don't jeopardize what we have here. Just MHO.
  7. I agree. I can't really figure out what the purpose was of notifying this gentleman?

    If you felt that there were issues in our discussions that needed to be addressed, then just ask the man THAT question on your own; i personally think bringing him in here to see "chit chat" was "odd".

    Please don't get me wrong, I like to read a thread on a bag I am interested in, and, yes, the members opinions mean alot (more so when I first got in to BBags and was so confused). But with the caliber of this particular auction, no "NEWBIE" was going to go there!!! And, alot of times some members are more "thorough" then me and I dismiss what doesn't matter to me (we all have different issues that we care about on our bags)

    I think in this particular case, it was easier to tell him "read for yourself" vs. "I have an issue with this ???"

    I have seen for myself HEATED debates over small issues (SMALL TO ME); if the seller or other people were brought it and focused only ON ONE PARTICULAR THREAD; it could seem (to those looking in) like an elitist group of know it alls!!!

    We all know this isn't true, it takes awhile to get with the program and admire the honesty and truthfulness, but as a seller, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ENCOURAGED TO READ OUR REMARKS.....We should all CLARIFY points that come up that are IMPORTANT TO US!! I can't even imagine what it was like reading that without understanding how the forum actually works.

    anyway, just my opinion!!!!
  8. Let's just remember this:
    There are thousands upon thousands of members, anyone can register, anyone can lurk, and anyone can post. This is a public forum. Therefore, we must (for our sake as well as the sake of others and the forum owners) think before we type. Remember, everything we type here is pretty permanent, anyone can find it, and it will always remain a part of the world wide web!
  9. I'm lost on what happened that ya'll are referring to but I agree with highgloss and julielive! I have learned a lot here and have met some really great people as well.
  10. Sorry but I disagree. Lately, it seems like all every thread has a negative comment about a seller (or just a negative comment period) and some very legitimate sellers are getting maligned here. In fact, I think this subforum is being misabused daily.

    Opps hit save to fast. I think sellers should know that they are being discussed and should have a right to defend themselves. I personally have not notified any because I really am not interested in many of the bags discussed but I would consider doing so if I thought there was potential for a seller to get hurt.
  11. Highgloss, thank you. That is exactly my point. :yes:
  12. I could not have said it better myself. We are here to help each other as kindred spirits that love and appreciate these beautiful bags.
  13. ITA!!

    He is just as welcome here as anyone else.
    EVERYONE is welcome here unless they break one of our rules.

    I also agree w/ Chigirl.
  14. yup, it is a public forum, after all....we can't forget that. obviously the seller isn't as well versed in Bbags as we are so his evasiveness may have been misconstrued as fishiness. whatever the case, let's put this to rest already and move on to enjoying our Bbags!
  15. i'm not exactly sure what happened here butI really think we should think before we type. As for the person that notified the seller...why did they do it ?