on a mission to find the best mascara...

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  1. i have been on a mission to find the best mascara for couple of years now. i'm asian so i have some short stubby lookin eyelashes. i've been looking for a mascara that is glossy, waterproof and gives a lot length with just the right amount of volume (yea its a tall order!)

    was wondering what kind ppl have tried and if anyone has a fave. right now i have been using loreal double extend in waterproof and it seems to work well, but i find that the tube dries out quickly and i have to keep replacing it.

    in the past i have tried shu uemura, maybelline wondercurl, lancome definicils, l'extreme--you name it, i've tried it!! :graucho:
  2. I've been using Christian Dior for the past five months. I got it at Sephora and I really like it...although I don't think it's waterproof.
  3. Christian Dior Show works quite well with my asian eyelashes :heart:.
  4. i'm asian as well and i really love benfit badgal lash. it's nto water proof though and the brush is very similar to that of the dior mentioned above. also can be foudn as sephora.
  5. YSL Aqua Resistant is hands-down the best waterproof mascara I've used. It adds length and volume to your lashes while providing really good water resistance (that includes sweat too). And, it is really easy to take off with eye make-up remover.

    I have really long lashes for an Asian girl, but this makes them even longer!
  6. i'm asian and i love the waterproof dior show mascara
  7. max factor. it's the only water proof mascara that I like :biggrin:
  8. another vote for dior show.
  9. DIOR SHOW they totally give you that ROCKSTAR longlash look!
  10. A ton of ladies on this board recommended Lancome Lash Out on another thread a week ago ro so and I bought it-it is really great!
  11. another vote for Dior Show!

    I also like Dior Maximeyes.
  12. i've been using Helena Rubinstein -lash queen- for a while and that looks really good on my lashes that aren't long and are volumeless...:nuts:
  13. I love Diorshow!
  14. I currently use MAC Mascara X & really like it. You can't get the stuff to clump! With all the Dior Show fans here, I'm going to try it next~
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