On a Lighter Note: Here Are My Latest Goodies!!

  1. Hi PF'ers. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my latest LV bags on which I received this Monday from Eluxury. I took the pics tonight. Ta Da...Mono Speedy 30 and Popincourt Haut. With all the talk on that "MICHELLE/SALLY" gal, I thought this was perfect timing to post my latest LV bags. You guys are the greatest. Just wanted to let you know!! :yes:
    6-30-06 014.jpg

    6-30-06 015.jpg

    6-30-06 016.jpg

    6-30-06 017.jpg
  2. Well. That was fun.

    And I love that PH. I think that is going to be my first monogram bag someday.
  3. You're good on changing our mood missypoo! :graucho: I love your new additions!!! Congrats. :flowers:
  4. Nice bags!
  5. OOh-I am drooling! They are lovely! Congrats!
  6. Can you let me know what the inside of the PH looks like? And does it open up pretty wide?

    No need to PM me the answer. ;)
  7. Congrats and thanks for sharing:love: :flowers:
  8. Thanks everyone!! I thought you guys needed a distraction. I can't believe I have a total of 5 LV bags in just two months.
  9. Cool Classics!!! ( and great distraction too...Lol)
  10. Love the bags!

    And I love how we get right back to the really important stuff!

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. LOL. And why not??!! Just kidding!! It opens really well actually. I love the balls on the end :graucho: . It has a cellphone pocket and another pocket. I thought it was gonna big, but when it came I thought it was the perfect size for me.
  13. Gotta love those 2 dangling balls you know??!!
  14. Thanks :smile:

    I really dig that bag, and I love the adjustable straps too. It's tempting! But right now I am on a strict "sell a bag before I can buy a bag" regimen, and I am trying to stay good through the summer since I just bought my beautiful Saleya PM last week.

    LV better not raise the prices again this year.
  15. Oh how I want that bag!! I am in deep. Who would have thought - I was never into purses until recently. And I'm gonna be 32 this August. :roflmfao: