On a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans ;)

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  1. I literally have one pair of jeans I absolutely love that is to die for by Guess. So I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans because I am in need for a few more jeans I love. I wanna go for J Brand or Rag and Bone. And I want skinny jeans, I am size 24 for jeans or even 23 sometimes. Please post the most popular jeans of Rag and Bone and J Brand, like the bestsellers. I am including photos of jeans that I want so please only suggestions that fit my taste :smile: Would be grateful for any assistance ;)
    I am searching for a pair of jeans like on photo number one, the fit is just to die for :smile:
    And furthermore, I love distressed jeans I like white, pink, blue, grey, black :smile:

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  2. I'd go for R&B. I have a few pairs of skinny jeans from them. Dre was one of the style and I can't remember the other . Some go on sale from time to time on Shopbop as well as R&B's website. I take one size smaller in R&B.
  3. i like rag & bone more than j brand, the washes are nicer but i am a similar size to you and find r&b in 24 can be too big and 23 isn't really made. r&b does distressing very nicely though. the ones in the pic might be 7 for all mankind. if you go for 7fam get the skinny slim illusion, they are very nice. you will probably need a 23 but they do make them :smile:
  4. I have bought all sorts of brands of jeans and my favourites are J Brand 811 skinnies.
    I am Size 24 too and they are perfect. They don't stretch out, they don't fade and are very comfortable.
  5. I like True Religion mostly because they fit taller women well. J Brand, Paige, etc don't work if you're over a certain height. I also like that TR's are made in the US. I do avoid the ones with noticeable white stitching. They have a variety of more understated styles too...
  6. J Brand are Paige are also made in the US.
    I have three pairs of TR , they are very good quality, but their 24 runs big.
    I know they have a Petite line with a 23 size but it is not available in my place.
  7. The same for me. I love the 811 by j brand!
  8. I'm looking for a pair of petite skinny jeans. I have been looking at J Brand and Rag & Bone, are there any other petite ladies out there that can recommend one over the other?
  9. ugh i've been dying to find a pair just like those!!!! if you find them let me know please! :smile:
  10. J Brand 811 photo ready. By far the best jeans I've ever owned. They don't stretch out... ever! They also suck in and lift everything. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
  11. gucci fan">
    do these fit the same as other j brand (tts)?
  12. The 7 for all Mankind Skinny second skin legging jean are amazing. There is a wash called La Rue that is on the lighter side!. I would recommend those.
  13. Yes, but the difference is they feel like everything is lifted and tucked in just a bit more. I work at a store that sells J-brand, along with other designer denim and this particular jean is the most popular among the employes. It's all of our favorite and most of us own a pair. My only warning is they do tend to run a bit short. If your pretty tall they might be too short.
  14. gucci fan">
    thanks, just wanted to check sizing before i ordered but i bought them anyways and will return if they don't fit (but they should). i get them tomorrow, can't wait, they sound like my fave 7fam jeans, slim illusion skinny.
  15. Tell us what you think of them when you receive them!:smile: