On a hunt for Matelasse in Brown

  1. Hi ladies,
    I am desparately seeking for a Matelasse bag in Brown color.:crybaby: Please if any one finds one on sale some where let me know. I am hoping that NM will mark them down soon but i doubt it (at least not so soon).:s
    Happy New Year and hugs to every one.:heart:
  2. my eyes are open for you in Uk nanaz... good luck hon :heart: :heart:
  3. Thank you so much myriam, you are a doll for helping me. From what i hear Uk always have good sales. You are lucky. Thanks again.:heart:
  4. Nanaz, I just checked with a few boutiques I deal with in Italy and they right now don't have any but told me they would let me know if they received any. GOOD LUCK with your search!
  5. Awww, MRG, thank you so much.:heart: Ladies you all rock.:wlae:
  6. Nanaz, do you want the larger size one? And only if it's on sale?
  7. peppy, i prefer the med. size and yes if there is one with a reasonable price i would like to have it but i just can't pay $1700 for that bag. It is crazy. :nuts: Thank you sweetie.:heart:
  8. Thank you Girlie but that is gone. I called and they are all sold out.:crybaby:
  9. Nanaz

    I am in Edinburgh, and although the sale is on at Harvey Nics the Matelasse are not on sale (yet). Will keep an eye out for you.:smile:
  10. Thank you so much siri, you gals are all so sweet and thoughtful.:heart:
  11. They had a matelasse in brown at the NM Fashion Valley in San Diego. Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale.
  12. I can order one from my NM too but i thought some where, some one, might see one on sale. Wishfull thinking.:crybaby:
  13. I'll keep a lookout for you. I also will ask my NM SA to put one aside if it goes on sale. She is really good about doing that for me!
  14. Thank you so much sweetie.:love: Can't wait to meet up with you.;)