On a hunt for black denims!

  1. I've been wanting a pair forever, but never had luck with sizing/styles.
    I found a pair by TR but they are a bit big in the thigh area and I don't think going down a size will help as the thigh area will still be roomier than my hips.
    I think it's because these jeans had 2% spandex/ elastine instead of the usual 1% I get.

    So, anywho, I am on a hunt for black denims again. I'd love to hear your recommendations w/ suggestions on sizing (up or down). BTW, I'm usually 25 or 26 in TR (1% spandex - I wear 25 tight and 26 more roomier fit).

  2. Have you tried Helmut Lang? While I'm not that certain about specific sizes, the fit tends to be more slim and straight throughout the different styles, and there's usually a nice range in colors and styles, depending on where you look.
  3. If you like skinny jeans, Earnest Sewn always has nice black washes. I've only tried on one pair before, so I don't kinow how they run, sorry!
  4. I just bought a pair of J Brand. The cut is called straight leg skinny. You can find them on Barneys.com
  5. i just got a pair of banana black jeans, $23 marked down from $68! wearin em now and have gotten compliments all day. makes me feel dumb for even bothering with the expensive designer jeans that i dont get complimented on....:shame:
  6. i have a pair of marc by marc jacobs skinny jeans (chrissie fit) and they're amazing!! i don't really know how the sizing works, but they're very VERY comfortable :smile:. if you like skinnies you HAVE to get this pair (but i have to say, they're quite tight at the ankles)
  7. Thanks all for reply. J Brand does not fit me that well (it's okay on me but I don't feel 100% satisfied with the fit - I suspect it's b/c of the material being too thin for my liking).

    I am looking at AG Jeans that have 98% cotton & 2% pu (polyurethane). I particularly like this one http://www.agjeans.com/The_Stilt__Black/pd/np/102/p/1118.html

    Any sizing help? Not sure whether to go w/ 25 or 26.
  8. I just bought the J Brand Cigarette Leg 14" and is loving it. Hopefully you'll give it a try again. They look great.
  9. i have a pair of black paige and they are TDF! they are super soft, cozy and classic looking.

    also my boss had an amazing pair of black joseph jeans the other day and they fit her like a glove. she said she purchased them in NYC.
  10. i second the earnest sewn rec, they make great black skinnies
  11. I 2nd the Paige jeans they are the most amazing fit!
  12. I bought a really cute pair of rock and republic about a month ago. I believe they fit true to size.
  13. I saw some great fitting ones by Rock & Republic recently. Don't remember what the style was called though......:s
  14. I have a pair of Paper denim that are really amazing, fit kind of like the TRs.
  15. Tag Jeans!