On a cruise in Europe 4 Scarves 3 Scarf rings so far !


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Jan 4, 2006
Hello ladies, I am having a blast since there is no Hermes at home in Calgary I'm finally getting an opportunity to see some of the lovely new scarves and pick up a few scarf rings - oh came so close to a perfect Kelly but told DH before I left home no matter what I say if I found one, it had to have gold hardware, which would be true for me.. I'm on Celebrity's Galaxy just about to dock in Alexandria Egypt for the day for trip to see the pyramids so no Hermes shopping here .. pics when I get home but so far :

In Venice they had none of my top list I was looking for but they had this gorgeous gallieon one, I'm sure I've seen it on the board here, its border has fleur de lis - outstanding design, love it! and also picked up a horn and red with palladiam, I guess, trimmed scarf rings. No kelly's or Birkins there.

Rome store was closed the day I was there.

Florence was great! Everything I asked for was available and in the colorway I wanted -- and picked up a golded scarf ring -- I brought home Jardain d'Hiver, Tout Coeur, Musette au Sphere (love that one didn't expect to see it) -- very few bangles at any of the stores, really thought I'd get one, but not much selection. They had two Kelly bags - one I very much liked in rouge, not sure which shade or leather my DH may remember, I asked him to lol -- only fussy reason I didn't nab it is I am quite strickt on wanting gold hardware. Well, guess you want what you want. They also had one in a sleek black leather, I love how they look and feel on me, first time I really had a chance to try them on.

Going to Istanbul, and Athens we'll see if any more Hermes opportunies happen and pics when I get home :smile: Fun thing is I get to wear the scarves out on the ship in the evenings.



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Oct 20, 2006
WOW, what an exciting trip...enjoy yourself and good luck with the GH!


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Nov 6, 2006
Sounds like such fun! Thanks for keeping us posted! I can't WAIT to see the pics! Have fun in Egypt!
Wow Vista

How did I miss this thread

What a fantastic trip/time you must be having, the world is just such a fantastic place and there you both are seeing it and the local people

Am so pleased you found those scarves, and hang on for the bag with GH,
looking forward to getting your updates as the trip goes along
I am sooooooooooooo ,,, jealous


Mar 2, 2007
Oh! Exciting! I had missed this thread previously as well. Can't wait to hear more updates, and of course see pics when you get home!


May 11, 2007
Congratulations on all of your goodies Vista. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Lucky you.


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Dec 16, 2005
Wow, sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Hermes items are the perfect traveling mementos. Most of my bracelets come from different stores all over Europe and the States and it's so much fun remembering where they came from. Every time you use them you have the added memories of a fabulous trip. Congrats and I hope you continue having a blast!