On a CLEAR Day, You Can See Forrevvvvver lol

  1. omg just got a call from my magical wonderboy of an SA (he in the West and Damian in the East are my 2 faves in the whole wide world ) at the Bellagio Chanel in Vegas (thanks to my darling friend Penny who "intro'd" us :heart: ) and they just got the Naked in...i think they're the first store in the country to have it, including all Chanels and NM and Saks..... and Naked Tote will be sent to me tomorrow!!!!!!! He says its a great bag, not small, about 13-14 long, gold hardware which is what i wanted (also comes in silver) and it is not plastic, its made of PVC which is a much sturdier material. Bag has a flap on its back............a main reason why i got the bag is because one of my careers is retail and its just too hard going all day NOT carrying a Chanel bag :rolleyes: (and have to heed requirements of carrying transparent bag in retail) I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!

    <singing the classic Cole Porter song "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever....." (i think its by him)
    Cant wait to see it!!!

  3. I can't wait to see it either...!! Congrats! The only bag you can carry is a transparent one? How come?
  4. Emmy - thats just if you work in a store because of the security reasons so they can tell you're not stealing anything in the store...Saks has that rule, so does NM, Nordstrom you either carry a seethrough or a small bag no more than 7" long. I'm a freelancer so i go from store to store so have to be prepared with my (Chanel) seethrough (Naked) tote!!!!

    I'm gettin' Naked!!!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao: :jammin:
  5. thanks Jill :beach:
    are you waitlisted for one too? I think Selena is
    they are fabulous in the rain, and it rains here every afternoon in the summer (but its a warm sexy rain !!)

    you will adore your expandable........................what a gorgeous bag that is, the best larger classic, imo, Chanel has had in years besides the GST
  6. How exciting, please post pics.....
  7. congrats. can't wait to see pics. good to know about the security policy,
  8. looking forward to see pics!
  9. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. ooh congratz!! :flowers: i saw the gold and silver ones in Selfridges London yesterday and it was much nicer than i expected!! Rem to post modelling pics!! :love:
  11. congratz!!!!cant wait for pics;p
  12. Yep, mine is on the way too!! David called this afternoon and mine was shipping today. I also got the Naked Tote with gold trim and h/d. I got the gold since I already have the silver lux bowler. I just know I will enjoy this bag. I already have the dark gold PNY wallet, the gold calfskin credit card envelope, and a really cool Yves Saint Laurent double sided lipstick. The handel to the lip brush is very ornamental so it will give a good visual appearance in this bag. I will post pics when I receive it.
  13. Yay!
  14. anxiously waiting on ur pics!
  15. HURRAH for your new bag and the title of your post!!! Congratulations to you AND Penny, cannot wait until you show us your NAKED pictures!! :graucho: