On a Buying Spree with MJ

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  1. I have been going back and forth on mix quilted totes. Which one would suit my needs better...then I go to Nordies and find a silvana black quilted which is TDF! I bought it last night along with ZC in black. This bag is amazing! I ended up buying the wallet because they are matching the $400 gift card that saks in doing! So what to buy next with giftcard....maybe will wait until fall items arrive (yah, right, will be burning a BIG hole in my new wallet)!! Anyway, I would love to chat with other TPF's who have this bag. Don't you love it? Hope to chat soon....:jammin:
  2. you found a Black Silvana? Was it on sale? I used to have a Teal one but decided to return it when I got the Green Mina. It's a GREAT bag!!! Congrats!

    That's fantastic that they're matching the $400 GC Saks is giving away!!! I wish the special lasted a little longer -- I'll be at Nordies Tue to buy a bag :sad:
  3. Thanks for your comments. I unfortunately paid full price but I felt okay because of the gift card. Too bad you have to wait until Tues...good luck with your shopping!:tup:
  4. I notice you are in Chicago -- which Nordie's did you go to? I ask only because I haven't seen the Silvana anywhere for quite some time -- I know it was a F/W 2007 bag and I thought they got marked down (maybe black and ivory were carried over into spring & stayed full price??) --

    You should go to the MbyMJ store up on Damen and buy yourself a couple of those small leather pouches to use inside the Silvana. I remember when I had that bag, I really loved it, except it only has one small inside pocket (which is where I put my cell phone) -- I was going to buy some of those quilted pouches to use inside, but ended up returning the Silvana before the MJ store opened. I still bought them, however, and use them in my other bags -- they come in a wide range of colors & sizes and you can get quilted or soft leather. They're not too bad price-wise either -- anywhere from $10-45, depending on the size and whether its quilted or not. You could get yourself a nice black one and maybe even a pretty grey!

    Yes - I have to wait until Tue to go shopping (payday!!), so I'll miss out on the GC deal. Too bad it doesn't last longer - that would be such a GREAT deal!!
  5. Those are awesome purchases! That's so great that Nordies did the gift-card/price matching too. Congrats!!!
  6. I bought my silvana at Nordies in Oak Brook. They always seem to have a great selection of bags/wallets. I also found out that the Woodfield Nordies is going to start carrying MJ, Chloe, Gucci, etc. starting in the fall. I have gotten to know a few of the s/a and hope that they will call me if any MJ is marked down. I think that the black and ivory were carried over to spring because they are not marked down. I did not know of the store on Damen. The next time that I am in the city, I will make the trip to the MJ store. (The burb's can be soooo boring) I used to live and work in the city....Hope to chat again soon, us Chicago gals sure love MJ!:jammin:
  7. I love Nordstrom! Great job on getting the price-match. The silvana sounds beautiful. Post pictures??

    PS: Love, love, love Chicago. It's my home and I miss it :crybaby:
  8. I too lived in Chicago for a spell. I will still call the Oak Brook Nordstroms if I can't get the answer I want from the Nordies here! :lol: Was there Oct 07 w/ my mom & sister on a shopping trip, must go back......

    Great score on the Silvana, would love to see pics! Congrats!
  9. FYI -- here's the info on the MbyMJ store in Chicago (which just opened in January):

    MARC by Marc Jacobs
    1714 North Damen Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60647
    ph: (773) 276-2998
    fax: (773) 276-2984

    It's in Bucktown, up by Milwaukee Avenue. There are lots of great shops in the area (altho I've yet to have a chance to shop the area yet!). There's also a Scoop NYC just around the corner.

    It's a GREAT store, HUGE! They have lots of bags, clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes - not to mention a LARGE selection of "special items" priced anywhere from $1-99!! My first trip there, I spent $200 and came home with 3 bags full of stuff!!! You should definitely check it out. I need to get back there myself - those small pouches & clutches are great for keeping your bags organized and I need a few more!!