On a ban, but loving Annalisa...

  1. I keep looking back at the large Annalisa lock-sac in camel. And they are looking great in the new catalog. I don't think it will be going away any time soon, so I figure I can wait. But everytime I see it, I just start craving it. I have the catalog open to that picture sitting on my dining room table.
  2. Its a great looking bag. I am done buying for awhile myself as I have plenty of bags and it seems that there will ALWAYS be something I want. sigh
  3. :crybaby: i'm right with ya, broke and lovin that bag.
  4. I love that bag in the white! (Actually the camel and pink are gorgeous too :yes: I have been liking the Dooney website lately)
  5. [​IMG]

    photo taken from Nordstrom in camel for $275...the leather looks soo luscious!
  6. I have felt it in real life at Macy's. It feels wonderful... it's soooo soft.
  7. i want it in Marine SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! `