omigosh, i got a blueberry bag today

  1. girls, my SA daphne @ the nyc store called me after 6pm tonight & told me to come on down :shocked:...they just finished unpacking the first few boxes of new colors & she had a few blueberry twiggys for me to see...i know it's naughty to keep putting these on my "CC", but i had to have this bag...i told myself this was going to be the last one 'till i pay them all off & here she is :flowers:...the leather on most of the ones i saw was a bit thicker & matte, but mine was more shiny & distressed (because i like 'em that way)...the forest green was deeper than the emerald & the oxblood was more red than brown (very similiar to bordeaux)...the red looks just like it's name, "fire engine" & the grey was more beige than the spring/summer color...lemme know if i can answer any more questions for y'all :amuse:

    p.s. right now they've got a few of these in stock & will be getting more in soon, so give daphne & kim a call tomorrow!!!

    first - fire engine red (rouge)
    city - cement (greyish beige)
    purse - grenat ("oxblood")
    twiggy - blueberry, forest green
    weekender - blueberry (& ?)
    DSCF2204 REV.jpg DSCF2201.JPG DSCF2203 REV.jpg
  2. congrats! what a pretty color.
  3. ooh pretty!!! I definitely need to get a blueberry hobo!!!
  4. Oh wow, that is really beautiful! I feel as though I am going to need an oxblood first soon. I thought I wanted the truffle but have decided to go for something with a little more ooomph!

    Congrats on your bag!
  5. Whoa!!! It is beautiful... It looks so much lighter than the swatches, though! The swatch makes it look almost black. Does the color in the pics match the color IRL, aaa?

    This gives me hope for the Blue India, maybe it will be similarly lighter...
  6. It's beautiful!!! It looks very similar my 05 Indigo...just gorgeous!!
  7. gorgeous! congrats and thank you for the info ;)
  8. Oh!!! I love that color!
  9. It is so beautiful. I missed out on the Indigo this year so this may be a great substitute. Thanks for posting!
  10. Love it! It's just fabulous!!!
  11. aaallabama -- does the hardware look different on your new bag?

    you must be so excited.
  12. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  13. OHHHH- just beautiful! I love it!
  14. Congratulations!
    Can anyone who is more computer saavy than I compare the Blueberry to 05 Indigo?

    I would love to contrast them!

    J :smile:
  15. i think kimmie has good pics of her indigo twiggy somewhere on this board.