OMIGOD, beautiful DOLMA bin 1499USD!!

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  1. :drool:I would if I could but I really have to be good :crybaby: !
  2. Me too Cat, every bag or color that i want has a high price.:cursing:
  3. beatiful bag!
  4. Weeeell, there's always the slinks method: buy now and stash it away until January!

  5. How do you stash away the credi/debitcard statement without your dh getting suspicious :confused1: :P ?
  6. I'd like to know how,too? It's amazing!
  7. I don't have a DH (yet) so I manage... but it's not a good thing.
  8. ... to not have a dh or to stash away the cardstatements?:P
  9. omg that leather!!! :drool: