omgsh help - Gold vs. Silver hardware? Should I keep it???

  1. my DH, just had a MAM delivered to my office for valentines day! :heart:it was soooo sweet, it was the one on Muse ten - the chestnut & came w/ big red ribbon? anyways my first RM was a blue matinee that i loved and couldn't stop talking about - so obviously i was looking into my next one and obsessed with this forum - he thought it was so funny bc i am not really a forum girl -but I love this group! Now I have another RM that I don't really deserve, but I want to make sure its perfect if I keep it (I am so picky!!!), the only total downer, is I think I very much prefer the Gold hardware, the silver makes the bag look a little boring - does anyone think???? (my mom thought the bag looked dated and plasticky!?!? - but she doesn't get the whole RM thing obv- however I'm worried its the earthy chestnut combined with silver?)

    So those of you who LOVE your matinee how do you like converting to the MAM as well?
    And any opinions on the gold vs silver hardware - those who have both do you love the gold more? I think all her new bags coming out will be gold - and probably make the bag look more expensive and modern. BUT it was such a sweet gift - and of course this bag would have sentimental effect, I could return it - but it wouldn't QUITE be the same...
  2. hmm I actually like hardware in either. For some colors like purple or gray I definitely prefer silver. For other colors gold is fine. For botkier I actually picked the dark brown in silver as opposed to black with gold because sometimes I think gold makes a bag look old ladyish if that makes any sense. I'd keep the bag your dh gave you for at least sentimental value. I like the color caramel.
  3. It's not a dealbreaker for me, but for any color bag I usually prefer silver hardware. Gold sometimes looks cheap.
  4. I like the silver hardware a lot, its usually my preference.....if you like the color of the bag Id keep it...but if you think you'd prefer a spring line bag, return that one and get a spring one
    either way, nice DH!
  5. I'm the same way as these girls- I usually prefer silver hardware. Why dont' you post us a pic of the bag.
  6. THANKS - hearing that you guys like the silver puts me at ease, and hey maybe it was all in my head. Since i know i won't dare get another bag for a while (2 RMS in one month- and just bought a house!)...I want to make sure I luv luv luv it! and really the chestnut is so smushy and soft ....i guess these RM bags have a way of working their way into your heart - ;) the more I stare, the more i love! I will try to post something in a bit!

    It looks just like this except mini:
  7. VERY beautiful you lucky lucky girl!
  8. Congrats! That was so sweet of your DH, and to get one that you actually like definitely adds bonus points! I love the color, it actually reminds me alot of the tomato. If you can, post pics. I have bags with both hardware. I have really grown to like different combinations of color and hardware.
  9. I'm like the others, I generally like silver hardware. I think the color looks great. If it bothers you, by all means, switch it out though.
  10. Such a pretty color! I think the silver is a good choice of hardware for that color because of the red tones in the brown.
  11. OMG I LOVE the chestnut with the silver hardware!!! If it's the bag I'm thinknig of, it's the same one I got from Revolve...and it's TDF! I am absolutely in love with it!!!!! KEEP IT!!!!!!!1
  12. that is really such a beautiful color. i don't think the gold hardware would "go" with the chestnut color. i honestly think that on that color, the silver is much, much better.
  13. Youu're a lucky girl to have such a thoughtful guy. I love the chestnut w/silver hardware, the silver is harder to find and looks more expensive.
  14. Beautiful bag - what a wonderful hubby ya got there!

    Hardware color for me depends on the bag - different colors work better with silver vs. gold and vice versa, but I tend to prefer silver hardware.
  15. Girl, you got a GOOD man there! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    I actually think that color looks good with either gold or silver HW. Generally I prefer silver HW but sometimes I think gold HW - especially if it's more like brass-like and brushed, and not blingy/shiny - can really complement. It's all in what you prefer though!