OMGOSH I'm getting a Red Chloe Edith.

  1. A fabulous and generous tPF member is making it available for me, brand new and everything. You Edith gals wearing your Chloe selling shoes:p even though I'm on a purse ban the price was too good to be true.
  2. Remember Susie - I get first dibs if you change your mind!
  3. Count on it!! But I really want to like it on me!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow... lucky girl... I'll want modelling shots for sure!! Congrats. You know it's a hot bag if it makes you break your purse ban...
  5. My sister and I are marveling over our change of attitudes. A year ago I wouldn't of even have glanced at an Edith? But then the NMLC sales on these bags started to crop up at those outlet stores and the feeding frenzy began on this board. A very good price will make one reconsider a different Chloe bag :idea:. Also that darling Victoria Secret model cradeling one in the crook of her arm didn't help matters too much either!:upsidedown:

    I'm paying for the bag in middle of the month, so I should have it by the third week of October. Can't wait to show pics but aren't you guys sick of red Edith satchels and pics? I'll have to jazz it up with some great black clothes.

  6. I felt the same way till I bought my first edith,it was all downhill afterwards.I love the functionality of these bags.I went crazy an purchased 4 edith satchels and 1 edith bowler :shame:.
  7. Congrats Susie....You are going to love this bag and the shade of Red is amazing!

    I was just wearing mine yesterday...
  8. Congrats!!!! The edith is such a great bag and very funtional too. The rouge is a great choice. I would love to find a rouge messenger:girlsigh:! Can't wait to see your fab bag....
  9. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, to all the raves for Edith above. I was soooooooooo reluctant to purchase one, thought they looked too 'schoolish' for me, but the leather.................need I say more, I now own 2 satchels and one tall Edith (which by the way I've been carrying the last couple of days). Keep thinking about the color that was in the VS ad.......what to do??

  10. You start crackin and get yourself one!!!!!!!!:p Mastic rocks man.

  11. This Edith??? Is it bigger than your new Bay? Is it heavier/same weight?? How the Edith's leather compare with the Bay's?? Questions, Questions??:upsidedown:
  12. SUsie - I can answer your questions and I don't have either bag in my hands at the moment. Girl - the quilted Bay is a very soft lambskin or something. Very tender hand that makes it lighter weight. I know this because I was feeling one up at Neiman's the other day. The Edith is much stiffer and sturdier - but still drool-worthy. It is a larger bag - perhaps not measurement wise but looks wise.
  13. i have my own red edith :p

    i got the bowler! i love it a lot. it's such a statement large, and the shade of red is tdf!
  14. ^Very cool bag Brian! Makes me want one even more!
  15. Yes the regular red edith...
    They are similar in size but the bay is more squarish in shape and fits over the shoulder quite well.
    They are very similar in weight.
    The Edith leather is quite different, its bubbly but keep its edith shape becuase its a little stiffer....not as smooshy.
    The Bay leather is smooth and extremely soft.