1. I am soo scared right now....
    We just found a bat in our house.
    Last night, we heard something in the laundry room, my brother went in to see what it was, and thought that he had found a bird. He didnt want to kill it, so he decided to close the laundry room door and let it go in the morning.
    This morning, we went in to look for it, and could not find anything at all. In fact, my dad assumed that we were just dreaming!
    Tonight, as we were sitting in the family room, it just flew over us. When we found out it was a bat, we really panicked. Fortunately, my father was able to kill it.
    Since I knew that bats can transmit rabies, I wanted to head to the emergency room and get vaccinated along with everyone else in my mily. My parents thought that I was over-reacting. But, I still called Poison Control. The woman who answered the phone told me to call the Animal Control.
    An office just came by and picked up the bat for testing. Since it was trapped in the laundry room, I dont think that it was able to come in contact with any of us. Im still scared though. I am starting to itch all over, and I know its only mental.
    Sorry for the long post, but do you all think we should head to the emergency room? I wanted to at first, but now, after thinking about it, the only real exposure we had to it was when it flew over us in the family room. Help :crybaby:
  2. Oh how scary! That gives me the willies just thinking about it.

    But I wouldn't worry about any diseases because the contact was luckily so limited. The only way to get rabies is through a bite, or in rare circumstances if your mucous membranes (eyes, inside your nose, etc.) come into direct contact w/ the animal's saliva.
  3. Don't worry, you don't have to go to the emergency room since there was no direct contact. I would probably freak out if there was a bat in my house, but I am sure my cat would have a great time.:lol:
  4. I was just wondering, the likelihood of it actually carrying rabies is probably low as well, correct? Because I cant seem to find the answer to this on the internet!
    Thanks spiralsnowman and purplekitty, Im starting to feel better.
  5. wow. thats kinda scarry! where do u live that a bat would be in ur home?!
  6. don't worry in the least, bats in general don't bite, and you can only get rabies if one bites you. we had bats in my parents' house last year, and we did some research, and it turns out it happens to almost everyone (depending on region). we had them in the attic, not the main house, and an exterminator took care of them (you're not allowed to kill them since they're considered beneficial animals - they eat insects and other small vermin - so they caught them, released them, and sealed up the hole they were getting in through). so stop panicking and call an exterminator in the morning and they'll take care of it.
  7. Thank amanda. This is the first time this happens to us,and there doesnt seem to be anymore of them, so Im hoping this is a one time thing.
    You see, I am a public health major, maybe thats why I am panicking. I am reading all these case studies on people who were bitten and died a few days later and its drving me insane!!! I cant get to sleep :sad:
  8. bats would sometimes get in at my mothers' house (Yonkers NY) the back yard was Van Cortlandt Park which is where they came from and it would be freaky and scary but as long as it didn't bite you there shouldn't be any problems-the only time I know that they can harm you without direct contact is when there are a lot of them living in your attic-bat droppings can be bad-dont freak out I dont mean a single bats' droppings its when there are a lot of them.
  9. Ok I HATE to admit it...

    but I get hella scared when moths or butterflies zoom by me... I think they're bees, which I am madly afraid of!!! They stung me too much as a kid and scarred me for life... :P
  10. I'd be terrified too! I'm glad no one in your family was bitten!
  11. Im curious to know where you live? I would be really scared too if I saw a bat flying around my house. Im glad you guys got rid of the bat.
  12. The funny thing is, when my Preventive Med teacher told us about bats, I laughed at it, because I had never seen one. Well, that came back to "bite" me...
    I live in the Washington D.C metro area.
    We still have not gotten word from the health department. I wonder how much longer we can wait to take the vaccine if needed.