OMGG!!! I'm so lucky!

  1. So I got home fairly late today, and I check my packages before I head off to work. There was nothing. After work, I come home at around 10:55. I have a small snack and chit chat w/ my mom. She stops in the middle of the conversation and picks up a piece of paper on the floor. This is how it looked. I've already taped it together and this is all I have left. My dog doesn't seem to like the mailman too much lol. Also, I know that my information is on there but im sure since it's so torn up, you can't make out where I stay. On a good note, it's from let-trade lol

  2. Lucky you! Yah, I can tell it's from Let-Trade by the tracking number! LOL. What is it? : )
  3. Epi black yen wallet, got it for a great deal too =]
  4. Cool! Congrats!!
  5. Yay! I want something from the Epi line, too! There are so many things to buy. LOL.
  6. At least you know something! Post pics when you do the pick-up!
  7. haha ur dog is funny :smile:
  8. Your dog ate the postal mail notice??!! :wtf: Better keep your new wallet away from your pooch. :P
  9. Is there a difference between a Yen wallet and a regular?
  10. Awww! Your pup might not like your attention on something else! Hehe.
  11. Congrats.
  12. lol your dog ate it? lol sounds like my dogs. My mini pin eats everything. He ate my check book one time and i spanked him with it lol. Just keep your bag away from him. I'd seriously kill my dog if he ate my lv bag.
  13. Haha everytime the postman comes by to deliver mail my dog goes crazy... now the postman doesn't even redeliver my packages if i've missed them. I have to go get them the next day lol
  14. Yay, post pics when you get it! :biggrin:
  15. funny. My MIL's dog hates Mailman too. At least the form still show the tracking #..