OMGawd!!!! Look at what I just won.......

  1. Wow. That is a beautiful looking bag, and what a great deal you got!!! Please post pics when you get this bag, can't wait to see it!
  2. I was too cheap and didn't get the matching wristlet. Need to find something for her now :graucho:
  3. Nice find! And what a great deal!
  4. I think with the pop of red on the outside you don't need anything matchy-matchy, you can prob. get aways with using a brown/khaki signature wristlet.
  5. What a great find!! Congrats!
  6. Nice! Congrats!
  7. Sweet-ness!!! Congratulations!!!
  8. You got a great deal...I was watching the matching wristlet, but forgot all about it until 2 minutes after it ended:lol:
  9. Thanks! When I bid I kind of laughed to myself thinking, "what an idiot, do I really think I am going to get it for under $100?" :lol:

    cocogirl07 ~ LOL, I am glad we were not bidding against each other. I put in a max of $42, with 33 seconds left, and it sold for $1 more

    MsAmie~ You're right! I really don't need to get too matchy with it. I was looking at some slim khaki signatures with red trim. I am going to keep my eye out for something. I am pretty cheap, so it may take a while to find one that doesn't cost me and arm and a leg, hee hee he
  10. I love the orange!!! or is it red?? lol i dunno i'm color blind ;)
  11. Hee hee, it's red! thanks!

    Well I just found out there is a Macy's and a Macy's outlet 40 minutes away from me :shocked::happydance: Wish me luck and cross you fingers that I don't need to take out a loan
  12. Tres chic! Looks to be the perfect size as well. Congrats on your unexpected win & great deal.
  13. I love the python detail in it. Good choice adn great deal too.
  14. Gorgeous bag! I love it! You definitely made a great choice!