Omg ...........

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  1. [​IMG]
    this is sooooooooooo ugly

  2. but these r kinda cute

  3. am kinda on the fence with these

  4. oh the designer is DUE Farina
  5. The heels are cool, but jeez, those bags are ugly.
  6. heavensent....omg where did you find those bags lol =)
  7. LOVE the heels! Hate the bags, ew.
  8. I could see a super model maybe pulling off a bag like that :lol:
  9. the second bag looks like it was witness to a really nasty homicide crime scene...
  10. ^^^:lol:
  11. Why would designers do's not right.
  12. Both of those bags look like something mopped up off the floor of a hospital emergency room. :weird:
  13. All it takes is a A list celeb...then others will follow...