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  1. I just found out that I'm pregnant!! :confused1:
    I must be at least 8 weeks or so, because my SO has been away at work for almost 3 weeks. I guess I'll find out when I see the OB!! :nuts:
  2. Wow!! Congrats!!!!!
  3. Congrats addicted2chanel. Did you take a HPT?
  4. Yeah I took three!! lol!! Thank you :smile:
  5. Oh yay! Congratulations!
  6. AWWW!! CONGRATS!! :flowers:
    i hope you have a smooth and wonderful pregnancy!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Thank you ladies!!! I am shocked!! I can't wait to see how far along I am :smile:
  9. congrats!!
  10. Congrats sweetie!!
  11. What a wonderful time for you and so very exciting. Were you TTC or was this a complete surprise?
  12. Congrats!!! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!
  13. Thanks ladies! I had NO idea!!! I don't have any symptoms or anything, but my missed period kind of gave it away!! I'm super excited. My SO and I wanted to wait to TTC, but he's so excited :smile:
  14. What a wonderful surprise then. :woohoo:
  15. Congratulations. :yahoo::heart::cloud9: What a great way to receive your man home!!