1. Since we are all kind of close in here, I had to post even though this completely unrelated to TTC...

    I am down in Florida for vacation and we went to Bal Harbour (as any purse addict would). I walked in the LV store and saw this cute couple looking at new bags. I thought to myself, they look familiar. Then I saw she was holding a blue Hermes bag and instantly I knew who it was...

    I walked over the them and said, "Excuse me, are you Megs and Vlad?" They laughed and Vlad said, "I knew we would run into someone from the forum!". It was really fun meeting them and thanking them personally for starting this forum. Especially this TTC thread as I have found such wonderful companions during what can be a stressful journey trying to get pregnant.

    They are really very kind people and so generous. I said to my DH, it is nice to see good things happening to good people and sharing that w/200,000 people!!

    Just wanted to share my excitement!
  2. How exciting!!!!
  3. hahahaa. how fun!
  4. How fun does that sound!! I would love to meet Megs and Vlad someday, it must be so neat to know that thousands of people know who you are!!:nuts:
  5. Wow! How cool!
  6. How neat!
  7. What a great story! And how fitting they were in LV!
  8. Tabby- We LOVED meeting you!! I was really taken off guard!! I hope you enjoyed Bal Harbour (really, how can you not!)

    You were so sweet and just a pleasure to meet. Enjoy your stay here!!
  9. PS Your team is Kansas right?? I think I thought you said VT, which you did not!! whoops!
  10. Tabbyco,

    That's fun.

    When I saw your topic, I thought you got great news. I am sure it will happen soon.

    VT Pooh
  11. That's what I thought too... :lol:

    But it would be fun to meet Megs and Vlad, the celebrities!
  12. Happy new year everyone - may all our wishes come true this year. It will be our year!

    Yeah, tabbyco I really thought you hit the jackpot too. We all will! So nice to meet Vlad and Megs in person (and her gorgeous BJ Birkin!)
  13. Sorry I fooled you guys... I better think of a clever title for my post when it is the real thing...

    Megs- No worries! Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!

    See you guys on TV tonight! :woohoo:
  14. How exciting!!!
  15. we won! We won! We won!!! Rock Chak Jayhawks!!!

    Sorry jenniletv.... it was a good game!