1. I wore two different shoes today! Well, they are the same shoes, but I have them in 3 different colors. It was kind of dark when I got dressed this morning and I put on one black one and one brown one. I thought they were both black. I was so embarrassed when I realized (like 2 hours into my day)! :push:

    Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this!...
  2. Haha! Did anyone point it out to you? This has never happened to me....yet.
  3. Claire, I've actually had on two different sneakers once. I felt like a total clown working out like that. It happens, and don't stress about it.
  4. Last year, I bought the last pair of Manolos in a certain style and 1 had been on display and had faded. I didn't realize HOW bad it was until I wore them the first time. I was in the middle of a client presentation when I happened to look down and realize it! It really through me off-guard. Can totally understand how mortified you must have been
  5. The sad thing is that this is NOT the first time I've done this. At least last time they were the same color though :shame:

    Nobody pointed it out to me. I pointed it out to everyone else and made a big joke of it so people wouldn't be laughing at me behind my back thinking I was crazy :p
  6. at least they were both a dark color!
  7. It's never happened to me but a coworker did that once, and then the next day she forgot to put her bra on. Poor girl she was so embarassed.
  8. LOL I remember a few times in high school I'd rush out of the house and would forget my bra also. At least I had a big sweater to cover me up :okay:
  9. LOL... You must be pretty busy.....:smile:
  10. How do you forget to put a bra on?! ROFLMAO

    My friend's mother-in-law wears different shoes on purpose sometimes...but usually in really bright color.
  11. lol! What a funny story! Don't worry, people probably just thought you were a really stylish and confident person starting off a new trend. ;)
  12. On SATC, when the girls were in LA, Carrie Bradshaw wore a pair of heels where one was bright pink and the other was bright blue.
  13. LOL! That's really funny. I don't recall doing that... yet but I'm sure It'll happen soon!
  14. Lol! This happened to me once fourteen years when i was in middle school, but it has yet to happen to me again. *knocks on wood*
  15. lol, dont feel bad. This has never happened to me but I did forgot to put my skirt on once, yes a SKIRT!!!, as a I was locking the door I realized I was on my panties.. lucky me I was wearing boyshorts.... and there was nobody near me to see me half naked.