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  1. OMG why did I go out and not check this forum Today? :push: I love:love: the new spiaggia print. It's so cute. But I went out Today to Oshun and they had a foresta zucca. I just had to get it even though it was still full price. It's not the best placement, but it's a hard to get bag that I couldn't resist. If I knew that the spiaggia are out already, I think I would have gotten a spiaggia instead. Now I don't know what to do becauce I am pretty sure DH won't be happy with another bag. But I can only return the foresta for store credit and I don't know if they will get the spiaggia. I just email them to see if they will get the spiaggia. If they do, I might exchange it. I don't know.

    FYI: They also have a foresta portatelefono, bella, and caramella, a couple paradiso (forgot what style since I wasn't looking at them), a couple bianco, and a few l'amore (one of them was a luna). The tokidoki bags are not listed on their website, but maybe they will take phone order for them.
  2. You could probably sell the Foresta Zucca on eBay for a profit:p. Foresta Zuccas are like impossible to find these days and I am sure it would get bid up on eBay. Just a thought...:shrugs:
  3. qtiekiki - What store did you get your foresta zucca at? :confused1:

    If I were you, I'd keep the foresta zucca. Spiagga JUST came no stores have it yet so I'm sure you have plenty of time to score something in Spiagga...whereas you'll never find another foresta zucca :idea:
  4. I got it at Oshun, which is the physical store of I only live a couple miles from there. I always drive by it when I go to the mall, but I didn't realize that they sell tokidoki and tarantino stuffs until I saw the website on here and LJ. So I decide to drop by today. They don't list the bags online, but they carry them in store.
  5. Qtieki,
    Do they have more foresta zucca in store ?
  6. that's a great come-up! :] i would definitely keep it.. just like JenY said, spiaggia is new and hasn't been released at most places yet.. plenty of chances! :biggrin:
  7. No, I got the last one. They only have a bella, a portatelefono, and a caramella left in foresta. I don't know if they still have any more in storage because they don't have all the tokidoki tees listed online in store.
  8. that's so funny because i checked their website earlier today to see that they don't have any bags listed.. but they had something cool in store. lol, congrats to you though!
  9. Qtiekiki, I think you should keep it! I would love to have a foresta zucaa. I am sooo into Foresta print lately...hehe
  10. Here's pics of my foresta zucca.
    kikiforestazuccafront.jpg kikiforestazuccaback.jpg
  11. Qtiekiki, you got most of the water scene.. I love it !
    My foresta campeggio does not really have the water scene & the ciao I am getting has no koi...:s but I love the monkeys & sasquaches ?.
    i see you have a boy on the back of you bag & a girl & boy sasquaches on the front of your bag. TOO CUTE!
  12. that's a cute zucca! it looks very similar to my BV :] i love the kois!
  13. I think you should keep it. Tokijen is right about getting spiaggia later and not finding this anymore. The water scene actually looks good on the zucca! plus you got a monkey on top with a snake!

    Vmasterz!!!!! where are you??? they have a caramella in foresta!!!!!
  14. That zucca is beautiful :drool: . I :heart: the fish and the water scene on the foresta!! Keep that bag!!! :yes:

    Where is Vmasterz you're right Sempre!! She's the Foresta/Inferno :queen:
  15. uh im here? just got back from class :yucky: hahah..I want it!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: