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  1. I'm sitting here at work and I hear yelling outside of my office. I look out my window and there is a homeless guy fighting with a few employees in the building I work at. All of a sudden the homeless guy tried to walk in my office. Luckily I had my door locked. I don't know what he was doing here. Finally the maintenace guy made him leave and the police showed up as he was leaving. Scary times :amazed:
  2. Wow that's scary! Good thing you locked your door. I wonder what he wanted?
  3. eeek! My mom works runs a government office that deals with the public and some of her stories are SCARY! i'm glad he didn't get in, that's so crazy!
  4. We still have no idea what he wanted. Maybe he wanted to use the restroom on my plants or something. He's gone now but they told us to still keep our doors locked.
  5. What in the world!? Crazy O_o
  6. Yikes!
  7. very crazy! I would've freaked out too. :weird:
  8. crraaazy!! I;m glad your door was locked
  9. omg that's crazy. It reminds me of when I was at work and some homeless guy came onto the office and asked me if I had any candy! He wouldn't go away and kept asking for candy or a dollar! I said I don't have anything and he said "I'll come back tomorrow and see if you have any candy. My guy coworker came out and started yelling at him saying "we don't have any candy!" lol luckily, he never came back.
  10. aiya I hope he never comes back!
  11. Wow! Koo Koo, Im glad you are O.K.!
  12. very odd, instinct told you to lock your door. Stay safe! :smile:
  13. omg! he might give you homelessness! maybe he had a legit reason to be freaking out, maybe someone was an ******* to him, and he was fed up. not like anyone overreacts....
  14. ^^ That's not very nice. Allison was genuinely freaked out by this.
  15. Yikes. Glad everyone is ok.