OMG: You'll NEVER guess what year this Black City is!

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  1. Never say never, since I know you gals will guess it spot-on eventually. :P


    Oh the choices! Have at it.

    Here we go!



  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]

  4. I thought I read you had an 09 Black OTW? Hmmmm I might have read wrongly...but I love your Black City LOTs. It looks NEW & yet it's all smooshy!!!
  5. I would guess from the look it would be maybe an '05, BUT I'm thinking that maybe this MIGHT be an '09? If it is ... WOW!!!! That is some absolutely GORGEOUS leather ... I am so envious!!!!
  6. Geesh...looks like 05 to me OR it could be 09, that cannot be??

    Can't wait to see the real answer of this lovely bag, the leather is TDF!!~
  7. My guess is 09
  8. hmmm, seeing as how it's already broken-in, i'm going to guess '08.

    regardless of what year it's from, it is GORGEOUS and YUMMY.
  9. Might be able to eliminate 2004 as it has notches on the rivets :biggrin:

    From the sound of Rere's :biggrin: it can't be oldie because it is expected for oldie to have that great leather quality...

    Is it 2008???????? *the leather reminds me of my Ruby leather :biggrin:
  10. I'm guessing it's from 07. Tell us!!
  11. I'm going to guess 2006 or 2007, nice distressed leather.
  12. 2007, smooshiest leather ever??!!
  13. I feel like it has to be something unexpected.... I'm also guessing 2009!
  14. 2008!
  15. reminds me of my 07 so I vote for 07