OMG you wouldnt believe!

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  1. so im going away today, worked a long hard night shift last night!
    went to get out my large snap paddy to pack and i heard this clunk!

    yep you guessed the padlock fell off!!!!

    not only did it fall of but it had broke! it had fell apart!

    i screamed in horror and noticed i could fix this the silver loop just screws into another silver bit with a spring! i fixed it but couldnt believe it!

    i want a plexi paddy but i think the same thing will happen!

    thats a design fault! its terrible isnt it!
  2. OMG B*M*B thats awful. I cant believe it to be honest i havent had anything like that happen with my plexi lock and i use it everyday! Im shocked. Glad you managed to fix it though !!!
  3. oh no, poor paddy, can you return it? it might happen again
  4. OMG... here we go again w/ another 08 bag.... :cursing:
    What is the deal w/ chloe QC????????????? Something has simply gone very wrong this year in design and/or manufacturing.
  5. If you fixed it, do you think it will happen again?
  6. OMG b*M*b so sorry about your lock, but whats up with chloe 08's:sad:
  7. Oh bmb you must be really cheesed off. I've heard this is a fairly common problem with the new padlocks, is that right?
  8. B*M*N - sorry to hear about your paddington! Its horrible when something bag happens to a bag..
  9. it just twisted off!!!
    and screwed back on! very strange!
    its fixed but i could easily unscrew it!
  10. Sorry to hear this B*M*B - this is exactly what scared me off my beloved Plexi Paddy. I knew that there were ways to fix the situation like glue or string but - why carry a bag and worry about that all the time? The design team at Chloe needs to be alerted. I am SURE there had to be other solutions to making a workable lockable plexi lock. Can you imagine that the SA at Neimans told me to use Elmer's Glue? Elmers is a kind of USA glue that could possibly be removed later but it wouldn't be easy.
  11. Is it a plexi-lock? I know it's blue, but I am it's guessing one of the clear plastic locks painted blue??
  12. yeah i think it is one of the plexi locks!
  13. Dreadful - do you love the bag terribly - the same might happen again if you replaced it?
  14. i was given the bag as a gift, i cant return it!
    ive fixed the lock i think it just needs to be kept an eye on!
    the problem occurs when you undo the lock and the loop swings round, a few times of this and the loop unscrews completely!
  15. Such an intelligent design! Beauty rather than function?