OMG, you are not going to believe this!

  1. My husband was out of town for a couple of days and he went straight to work this morning so I hadn't seen him yet. I was putting something in his closet and I saw a huge Coach bag. He got home from work and was so proud of himself, he bought me a really nice Coach. He said he almost died when he saw the price, but bought it anyway....

    Now if you remember, I just ordered my Coco Cabas on Thursday. I had just worked out what to say and this happened.

    I went outside just a few moments ago to take out the trash and there was a huge box out guessed it, my new Coco Cabas. All I could do was throw the box in my car to hide it. I can't even look at it yet.

    I am having a panic attack. I feel terrible that my husband bought me this really nice bag that he considers really expensive and I just spent over 1200 on a Chanel.

    I feel like a really terrible person.

  2. Laurel, men will never understand spending so much on a handbag. Same way we will never understand some of the things they spend money on.

    Congrats on the new bag.:yahoo:
  3. My hubby did the same thing for Christmas. He bought me a Tod's dbag, which is gorgeous and lots of money but just not my style. I didn't have the heart to tell him so it sat in my closet for about 2 years until I finally sold it!
  4. so true!! Whenever my hubby gives me even a slightly hard time about my purse addiction, I point out his electronics, motorcycles and cases of rare wine!! (although I must admit that I do like that he buys the wine:shame: )
  5. My husband bought me a framed/signed picture of Steve Yzerman for my birthday this year. (granted, I am a Stevie Y. fan... but come on) Enjoy your bag, woman. And LOVE your husband. And keep the other bag - do it for me.
  6. Oh, one thing that I forgot to add is that my husband is a sports and wellness fanatic as well. I on the other hand like the spa and shopping. so what does he get me this past Christmas? complete set of snow shoeing gear!! the snowshoes, poles, boots, ski pants and jacket.... (BTW, I also HATE the cold!) You guessed it...still sitting in my closet in the boxes! (Atleast with Tod's bag he really tried to think of what I might like!!)
  7. Tell him you won it on ebay really cheap.... Anyway, wear the bag proud, you deserve it.

    P.S. Its a beauty and I am sure you will love wearing it.
  8. I snuck out to go to the "grocery store". I made my brother drive so I could sit in the back seat and tear open the box.

    That is the most beautiful purse ever and just my size. I love giant purses. I actually wore it into the grocery store. Ok, it didn't look so good with my Beavis and Butthead shirt and cammo shorts but it made me feel like a million (hell it almost costs that much).

    I hid it back in the box in the back of my car for now.

  9. Trust me , they don't know how much they cost !

    My fiancee almost sullied his undergarments the first time I told him how much a Chanel cost .

    Picture this , about or third date , sitting on his deck drinking scotch , me in DG and carrying a Chanel purse :

    Him: " Oh , you dress really nice . You remind me a little of my ex-wife , ( I'm 20 years younger ) she wore Ann Taylor and only carried Coach purses ...only the best ! "

    Me: " Cough, cough , ahem , ahem ( choking on my single-malt which I'm way too big of a pussy to be drinking anyway ) ... Ummm COACH ? ANN TAYLOR ? ARE YOU SERIOUS ? THIS IS A CHANEL PURSE DEAR ! I don't mean to be rude , but there is a world of difference from what you just mentioned and what I'm outfitte in .... this is my thing . Trust me . "

    Him : "Oh ! I'm sorry ! What's the difference ? Does Chanel cost more ? It's made in China like everything else though , right ? "

    Me : " How much do you think this bag cost ? And , uh , no wasn't made in China . Try Italy "

    Him : ( clearly impressed ) " No more than $500.00 ! Wow , not made in China ? That is definitely a good thing ! "

    Well , I could on and on , but you get the gist of it ... they don't get it .

    He would believe you if you told him you got it at TJMaxx for $150.00 .

    That's all I'm saying .
  10. I'm cracking up because my absolute favorite item of clothing is a pair of cammo shorts ! I'm wearing them right now !
  11. And what will you do with coach bag he bought?
    For me...I will try my best to return it.
  12. Oh dear... like smoothopertr said, men have NO clue what bags cost... lol, I'd tell him you got a good deal on ebay too! But don't forget to use the Coach he bought you!
  13. SophiaLee

    Your post cracks me up!! I can just picture it.

    Hey, what were you doing drinking scotch - I thought you were a Martini-gal??
  14. ^ I actually hate scotch ! But , that's what he drinks so I thought I'd suck it up and give it a go .... YUCK !

    Luckily , I was already three martinis deep .
  15. I WISH my DH did not know how much Chanel costs. I just tell him, I found it at a Sample Sale or I got it online cheaper. It works sometimes until he gets mail before I do and see my CC statement. I try and pay it right away so he will never know but it does not always work.