OMG Yesterday I nearly fainted :greengrin:

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  1. yesterday, my best best ever hubby surprised me with a 1day delayed birthday present.
    The day before was my birthday and he just came home with a very ugly cake from a supermarket, wished me a happy birthday, and that was it! I was like " huhh, where is my birthday present ?" And he answered " I brought u the cake, even in ur favorite cherry flavor!" I was thinking, "hmm ok, actually it´s nice and enough that he remembered my day and brought the cake :smile:----- But then Yesterday, he came home with a big Chanel bag --- I was like, just standing in the front door, staring, speechless, half fainted out .... hahaha...---anyway, firstly, I just want to share with u lovely ladies my best best best ever experience :biggrin:

    and secondly, since it is my very first chanel and i don`t know really much about Chanel bags, I have a few questions, which i hope some Chanel profs do have time to answer:P---I notice , the leather chain, there is 2 spot, it is like glued together. / and the inner flap, it´s extremely difficult to close. It`s not possible for me to close the inner flap so since now I let it open and just close the outer flap.

    thirdly, my hubby told me, it is a medium caviar leather, but on the recipe is just written A01112Y01864C3906, Size Uni. I`m just wondering, if it`s really the medium large and how can u see, when it is produced?

    arghh... lots of questions.... thank u all baglovers out there :biggrin:

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  2. yes, it's normal. My bag chain is like that too.
  3. Your h is so sweet. Happy birthday!

    The strap looks ok to me. As for the inner flap not closing or difficult to close, that would bother me. Many don't use the inner flap and totally fine with it. But I'm one of those that snap close the inner flap. It's one of those things that I check and make sure works when purchasing a classic or re-issue.

    If the strap and the inner flap closure bothers you, maybe it's best to exchange. You should be totally happy with it.
  4. The strap is normal, thats just the beginning and ending of the piece of leather that's woven in between the hardware. As for the inner flap, I remember thinking the same thing about my first flap, like in order to close it I would have to apply a lot of pressure for it to catch. And I hated doing that to my baby, so I normally just close the outer flap. I haven't really given it much thought since. As for everything that is on the receipt/tag, thats Chanels coding for color, material and hardware color. If you want to check the year it was produced check the authenticity card, I believe it should begin with 22******? Based on your pic and how the chain looks, I think its a medium. The chain is shorter on medium, if you wear it single strap it should hit around hip. The jumbo has a longer strap and is much bigger.

    All that aside, congrats on your new gifts! Your husband sounds amazing! Happy belated bday =)
  5. I have the same problems with my new Jumbo. But, it's too good to return!
    Congrats on your beautiful bag!
  6. Wow what a lovely surprise. All the straps look like that so totally fine. The snap closures are quite difficult to close - I don't normally bother trying to snap closed when I'm using the bag. I do when I store the bag so it all stays in shape.
  7. The strap is totally normal, it's where the 2 pieces meet. As for the button they can be a pain, which is why most people never close them. If it's just a bit fussy to do it, that is totally normal. If you can't do it at all as in it might be misaligned or something then maybe I would check out another.
  8. what a lovely bday present, your hubby is so sweet! happy bday btw! i don't know about the strap though, i hardly ever look that closely at mine, lol!
  9. What a sweet way to surprise you. Enjoy your first CC bag! Happy Birthday too.
  10. agree!
  11. Great surprise!! Congrats and enjoy your birthday gift!
  12. Congrats! Such a fabulous gift!
  13. Congrats!! And happy birthday!

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  14. Happy birthday and congrats on your first Chanel!
  15. woahwoww, thank u all, lovely ladies for your fast response, help and congratulations.

    i have 1 further question. I just notice on the left side of my bag. There is a loose or a lost stitch, instead of 2 short stitches, there is 1 long stitch/ there is a tiny hole but the stitch doesn`t hold in this hole, instead it´s just skip that hole and makes a long stitch. I hope you know what I mean. Actually it doesn`t bother me because it only can be seen under microscopic inspection, what i have done for hours today :lol: But do u ladies think I should complain about that to prevent further damage ?