omg wth do i do?

  1. ok so i've been out of the eBay loop lately. on the 24th i woke up to see someone had bought my lv bag. fine. right after she sends me an email asking if it was new or not even though it was clearly stated in the listing that it was not. i immediately send a somewhat groggy email about how it is not new but in nice condition and to let me know if she needs anything else. no response. then on the 27th i send an email asking if she got my last email. no response. on the 28th i send another invoice. nothing. finally today i file an unpaid item dispute. i just got a response that she never got an answer to her question and she thinks it's fake and i have poor communication. so i write back that i did respond and cut and paste my email to her and tell her to check her messages and that it is authentic and i stand by my things. i just checked my eBay page and she frigging NEGGED ME. omg. and it says "my friend thought it was counterfit too" omg wtf? so i wrote her a long email saying of course it's real, to check here or with carol at caroldiva and that i have a long history of selling lv and chanel and hermes that are all real and i can't believe she negged me without ever talking to me about it. i am SHOCKED.

    so what should i do? just neg her back? wait for a response? something tells me i'm not going to get any response back and that she never had any intention of buying the bag in the first place. oh man.
  2. She hasn't paid right??? Why haven't you filed NPB??? :shrugs: Contact Ebay and see what they advise as well - but I sure would file a NPB...:yes:
  3. Sounds like a classic case of buyers remorse :sad: So sorry for you. From your email it sounds like she has not even received the bag, yet is claiming it to be fake! She should have asked all her questions before buying it. I hate ebay at times like this, I would definately give her a negative back, because that way she may want to mutually withdraw the neg feedback (its not ideal but a definate start).

    To stop this happening on my listings now, I only EVER put immediate payment option on it. That way, people make damn sure they ask all the questions BEFORE they commit to buying it. She obviously got carried away and is now looking for a way out of it.

    Also, if she has not paid, you can file a non payment against her too
  4. well i did file the unpaid item dispute. that was what she finally responded to today. i was thinking if i negged her back she might agree to mutally withdraw them both. i am so..... grrr..... she never once asked about the authenticity. just about the condition of it. of course AFTER she did the bin. ugh. and no, she hasn't paid and i haven't sent it. so mad! thanks for the responses!
  5. How frustrating! I agree with above poster that it sounds like she had a bad case of buyers remorse:tdown:
    I'm sorry this happened. I would also file a non paying bidders report with ebay.
    It seems that there has been more and more of this kind of behavior on ebay. It's really a shame.
  6. the most annoying part is she did all the little star bits too and lowered my ratings on all of that. for what? just to be a pain.
  7. I am sorry this happened to you.... This is why I hate ebay; but I still have to use it to sell my bags because I don't want to pay some company 40%..

    You should use Live Chat with ebay and ask them to remove the negative feedback for you but you need to leave her a negative feedback~!!

    Good Luck~!!
  8. Oh WOW! That is horrible! Geez if she didn't have to neg you for buyers remorse!!

    You can and SHOULD leave her a neg, and then if she wants to withdrawal. I personally would make her keep the neg she deserves, but if you want yours removed that is the only option. Also respond to the fb she left you and explain that she never paid for the item and it IS authentic.

    Sorry this happened to you.
  9. i am trying to decide what to write. i responded to her fb for me with this:

    100% authentic, sent emails to her 12/24 and 12/27, no communication, NPB
  10. god.............ya know, i serisouly think they all know each other from some mental farm and come out of hiding to play on ebay this holiday. so many people are getting stuff like this (horrid buyers, dumb buyers, psycho buyers, buyers who really don't wanna buy at all, etc...) Yea, def. file with's just so much stress and time on YOUR hands which you don't need because the bag is real did nothing wrong. It's not your fault she can't read and/or had zero intention of going through with buying your bag.

    *hugs* so sorry this is happening, hopefully it'll clear away soon. that negative uncalled for. what ever happened to talking to people 1st? this one doesn't know how to check or use her email? :tdown:
  11. H, your response sounds fine. Does she get to neg you when she is a NPB? I would check with ebay.
  12. yeah as long as she responded to the uid she can neg which she did. feh.
  13. Neg her, and block her!
  14. UGH!!! What a jerk. So sorry this happened to you. I think you're doing the right thing by filing the NPB and giving a calm response to her feedback left for you. I would ABSOLUTELY leave her a neg, but of course you already know that, LOL.

    But I think what you really need to do is come to my house for New Years Eve and forget all about this stupid chick. :graucho:
  15. lol. i tried calling you this am but it didn't go through