OMG, wow, thank Gawd!

  1. OMG, I took my new Sonatine out last night and set it on a table, and someone knocked their purple drink over. OMG, I had a heart attack! It SOAKED one of the vachetta handles of my new Sonatine from the bottom of the handle, halfway up!:crybaby:

    This morning I took a look at it, and I couldn't believe it.

    You can't even tell it happened.

    There's no mark on the vachetta or ANYTHING. It's not darker at all and there isn't even a water mark halffway up where it should have been!

    WOW. My faith in LV vachetta is totally renewed. I guess it's because the handles had a very light tan already from storage. :sweatdrop: Whew! Anyone else been this fortunate?
  2. Oh i am so glad it is ok.
  3. Wow, good thing!!
    I haven't, actually..I think that's a good thing lol. Most all of my things (with the exactly had anything spill on my bag, but I did set my MC Alma (unknowingly) on a wet wipe that was in the bathroom at school a couple of years ago. Fortunately, the patina is pretty even now and you can barely see the mark anymore.
  4. wow, i'm shocked! I'm glad it turned out ok
  5. whew, glad to hear that your bag is ok
    I always spray new bags with applegarde first before using to prevent water spots ;)
  6. oh my that would suck if it did damage it. thank god it didn't
  7. OMG, you are so lucky your bag is ok! YEA!!!
  8. whew, glad it turned out OK!!
  9. Good thing everything turned out okay for your Sonatine!! Close call there!
  10. Whoah I would have totally freaked out! Glad that your Sonatine is okay. Phew!
  11. what a miracle! I always freak out when there are any liquids near my bags!
  12. I am glad that everything is alright. I spilled red wine on my handles of my sonatine about a year ago. Thankfully, the handles were already dark and you cannot notice the stain.
  13. I am so happy your new bag is still as good as new.
  14. Glad to hear it's all good!
  15. if I were you, I think I would be shocked and crying out loud when it happened. so glad that your bag is okay