OMG, who has this bag?

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  1. I love the tote at first look! It looks so stunning in the pic! Anyone has seen/touched it? How's the canvas feel compare to LV's? Is the small tote one really small?
  2. I saw this line at the boutique and I think it's cute. It would make a great travel bag. It's very plain and simple; doesn't scream Chanel.

    In comparison to LV, the size of this small tote is about the same as the small LV Globe Shopper tote. The canvas is not the same as LV coated canvas. It feels more like waterproof (raincoat) fabric. It has a zipper closure which is good. At $995, it's pretty inexpensive for CHANEL.
  3. please do a search for Paris Biarritz, there's a lot of threads about this ligne:yes:
  4. I was just in Chanel today, and saw these bags (and touched them). Sparklyprincess hit's the nail on the head when she said " it feels more like waterproof (raincoat) fabric".
  5. theres one PFer that has the large biarittz tote if you do a search you can probably find her pictures, its way cute! And I've seen pictures of the smaller tote and its not that small its like a medium size... its really pretty!