OMG! Where's my apple!!

  1. Ok.. so I was getting ready to goto Coach today to buy myself the cute apple keyfob.. and I was just browsing and I noticed.. it's not there anymore!! They only have the embossed apple! O_O

    Anyone know what happened here? ><

    This used to be where the apple URL was.
  2. I have a feeling that one got uploaded by mistake. It was an older one.
  3. Aww.. I really wanted it!
    IMHO, it looks 10x cuter than the other apple.... ><
  4. *pouts*
    I liked the other one too.
  5. Ohhhh okay. Now it's making sense to me. The old apple keyfob that was on there is an older style. I actually bought one at Dillard's earlier this year. I was wondering why they were putting it back up on the website. I guess it was a mistake.
  6. I bought an apple keyfob at the outlet today for $24!
  7. I didn't think we were re-releasing the gold one! I thought it was just the red. We never received the gold at my store. OK, that makes a lot more sense.
  8. I think the Coach website had a few little burps the last two days... one time I searched for the word blue and about a hundred things came up, including something my daughter wanted that had been discontinued... two hours later I search for blue again and only a handful of things came up! She was so disappointed...
  9. ^^LOL. Burps. I get this mental picture...
  10. Oh no! I had really wanted that apple too!!!! I'm a teacher and thought it would be perfect for me, and I don't like the embossed one. I'm sad now!
  11. I bought this apple today at the outlet for 24. Which do you all prefer: this one, the gold one, or the new embossed brass one on the coach website??
  12. ^I don't like the new embossed one simply because of the leaf. I love the rest of it, but that stupid random leaf coming oddly out of the top just bugs me to no end. It's just strange placed that way and I can't get over it. *darnit, because I adore apples*