OMG! What you guys in LV forum did to me?

  1. I cannot choose between a LV and a Chanel bag now. The more I read LV threads, more I am in love with LV again. I wish I could have more budget to go for both :shame:.
  2. :lol: This board isn't good for budgets or bag only fuels them :p

    Both are classics IMO.

    Which bags are you wanting?
  3. Um....Now
    A Chanel clear tote bag.
    LV baggy PM
    A Chanel Paris-Biarritz

    Hard-thinking and got a bit headache
  4. Haha..I do the same thing..I go from LV to Chanel, just depends.
    I'd probably get one of the Chanels first though since those don't seem to stick around as long.
    As long as you're wanting a blue denim Baggy, you should be able to get ahold of one easier.
  5. But my BF said if I wanna buy LV denim, I should buy it since it was newly launch not now. At that time I will be the very first person who use it and the price is cheaper than now too. Moreover, he also said lot of fakes now and fakes are all look as real. That's why I stop my purchase and re-thinking of it again and again. Poor me :sweatdrop:
  6. baggy pm.....baggy pm.....baggy pm
  7. Do you have pics of the Paris-Biarritz and the tote?
  8. OK, I try to find it. Will come back soon.
  9. here is the clear tote:


    and here is another one.

  10. Yeah I go from LV to BV to (and now to) Chanel and bought 2 Lanvins last year which I started looking into based on my Lanvin ballerina flat love. I am not buying Chloe anymore even though I do love the styles - those I passed onto my 16 year old daughter and she (and her friends/group are still very much into Chloe) - her first bag I bought her was a LV multicolor tho - It is so hard to make choices when there are so many options. But I will never go into debt over fashion! I just have to force myself to choose - even though it can be so hard when you love everything so much :yes:
  11. I love the "giant" clear tote - great beach bag? :yes:
  12. No No No darling...I won't use any high-end bag for the beach ( I prefer to use Juicy instead ).
  13. i prefer the lv baggy pm over the chanel clear tote and the Paris-Biarritz.
  14. If I could afford Chanel prices just for the beach then I would have that clear tote in a flash, it is so gorgeous!
  15. Hard choice, I vote LV tho...what do expect here ;)