OMG what should I do ? (Mirrior question)

  1. Hi all, Im in London on the 1st of december. Please tell me are you sure for definite that this is the Mirrior collection release ?. I really want to get the Porte Cles in both colours so do you think they will have them left if I dont go on a wait list ?. Also how long do you think it will be before they all get sold out of Mirrior stuff and how much Mirrior stuff will be issued to each store ?.
    Thanks everyone

    I have searched lots of threads for all my questions but I just need a quick round up LOL :flowers:
  2. Someone said it was moved up to Nov. 15, I'm calling my SA to verify.
  3. OMG my birthday ! :wtf: :wtf: But too soon for me...I wanna get them in London, They may be sold out by then :crybaby:
  4. Yes, the original date I heard was Dec.1, but yesterday was told Nov.15....but we all know SAs can be wrong.

    Why not call and get yourself on the waitlist in London, just to be sure?
  5. My store's only getting in approximately 10 pieces each style, each color...I agree, to be on the safe side, put yourself on the list...
  6. thanks everyone :smile:
  7. oooh then maybe i should put myself on the waitlist for something...
    cause 10 pieces would be very little...
    maybe i should call my SA and see how much theyre gonna get
  8. I talked to the salesperson at the SoHo NYC store and she told me that the Nov. 15th date is wrong.

    They just got word that the Dec. 1st date may be pushed back until DEC. 15TH! :Push:

    She said there have been many production problems with the Miroir Line and that that was reason for the delay.

    In testing, certain portions of the bag broke, ripped, stained, or just fell apart. LV has to go back to the Atelier and get a redesign done + further testing. :yes:

    I'm sure that explains the delay - they don't want to sell 1000's of bags and then have people go back and complain they broke apart shortly thereafter, especially for X-Mas. They pride themselves in the quality of their merchandise so it makes sense or them to hold back than to act too hastily.

    BTW, I PUT MY NAME DOWN FOR THE GOLD SPEEDY AND THE PERSON I TALKED TO TOLD ME SHE WOULD GIVE IT TO ME FIRST! :nuts: I think it's because I was on my cell talking to a friend in French and she must've thought 'oh, so chic' , lol

    People always get that impression, but it's just a langauge! lol :lol:
  9. I'm sure for bigger stores, there'd be more, but still very limited nonetheless :P ...just to "play it safe"

    ^ And yep, I'm getting the "sometime in Dec" line too..for the reason quoted by Poufiasse...guess headquarters sent out that email today hey...
  10. Yah, just spoke with my SA a few hours ago and it was pushed back to mid December not pushed forward.
  11. 10 pieces for each styles are not bad at all. My SA told me their store receive only 2 pieces each.....
  12. sorry what's a porte cles? a coin purse cles?
  13. no, a keyring...there not making the cles :crybaby: :flowers:
  14. I thot it was a cles, like a silver or gold metal place on a mioir cles. But its just a plain 'ol keyring? damn one less thing to buy I guess.