Omg what should I do? Ebay scam?

  1. I just paid for this twiggy on eBay, and got it authenticated here afterwards! I was sooo careless! D: The PF people told me that it might be fake? Cause she stole pictures of someone else's bag and posted it in the auction! I just found out like a few mins ago and I just paid like maybe half an hour ago? What should I do?? D: I never got scammed on eBay before and I'm not sure if this auction is 100% fake? But what if it is, how can I get back my money? Thanks for all the advice and help PFers!

    The link to the auction!
  2. Yikes! So sorry- getting scammed has got to be one of the worst feelings! You should also post this in the eBay section of the purse forum. Unfortunately, I'm not super familiar with ebay, but if the pictures are definitely stolen, I would immediately report this to ebay, paypal (if that's how you paid?) and your credit card company (again if that's how you paid). I'd also email the seller and tell her that you found out the pictures were stolen and do not want to continue with the sale. But again, I'm no expert on this- the ebay section may have some good advice as well. Good luck!! I'm sooo sorry this happened to you- ebay is such a scary place!!
  3. File a claim immediately so her funds can't be used! Escalate immediately too.
  4. I really hope that it's an authentic bag. But Alaska's right. You probably shouldn't wait to get the bag before you do something. People with more experience with ebay will hopefully chime in. Good luck.
  5. SO sorry this happened to you. I was in the same boat a few days ago. Luckily, the seller refunded my money because I kept pressing that it was not authentic and that she should send more photos to prove otherwise. Anyway, she couldn't send any photos and red flag - she became unregistered ebay user shortly after! Anyway, explain to the seller how you feel and ask for your money back. Hopefully this gets resolved in your favour, it's the worst feeling getting scammed!
  6. Who is "outlet hunter" on the photo's. Hopefully someone will come along and advise you, I am so sorry this happened it gives you sick feeling inside.
    Hopefully you paid by Pay Pal for some protection.
  7. Did you do this yet? OMG, I am sick to my stomach for you~I saw this bag and thought; "oh how cute; someone is going to get a good deal". Let us know how it turns out!
  8. Hi! Thanks for the advice PFers! (: The seller has contacted me regarding this issue. She told me that she had previously bought this bag from this outlet hunter person from a yahoo auction and is now reselling it on ebay so she thought it was okay to reuse the pictures that was used on the previous auction! She said she'll give me new photos and also the receipt of the transaction. I'm not sure if I should trust the seller but it seems like a really good deal though. D: I have already filed a claim though. Oh could someone also tell me what colour is this bag cause I'm not very sure what colour this is? Thanks! :biggrin:
  9. It's not really cool for her to reuse the pictures, but it is a believable explanation. I would wait for the pictures she sends and have them authenticated here. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that hopefully this all goes well. It may end up being fine.
  10. forgreens, The first picture is a stock photo of a twiggy. The *borrowed* photos are a mini twiggy. I know this was mentioned when I was following the authenticate thread yesterday. The dimension also state a Twiggy's size not a mini. Was your intention to buy a mini twiggy?
  11. But, her auction states she bought it in Paris.

    Seems like she can't keep her story straight. I'd keep pressing for a refund! Something doesn't feel right about this to me...
  12. pinkboudoir, I planned to get a twiggy not a mini one! D: are you sure the outlet hunter's pictures are of a mini twiggy?
  13. Just wanted to point that this seller sold a fake LV not so long ago. I think you should get your money and request to cancel the sale.
  14. forgreens Check outlet_hunters auction again. It looks like your seller bid for the bag on 2/19 very early in the morning (Hong Kong is a day ahead, right) I can't tell if she actually won the bag becasue the verbage is different than US e-bay. It appears she bid on the bag after you won her auction. You may get the bag after all, but it probably won't be the size you expected. I did report the photos to e-bay, I got a response this morning saying that in may result in her account getting suspended. So e-bay is already aware there is a problem. Best of luck to you, I really hope it works out for you.
    IBeauty How do you know she sold a fake LV, I couldn't find anything in her feedback? Just curious, because this can be a lesson for all of us.