OMG!!What is wrong with MPRS??

  1. I have read a thread here where people are complaining about the very poor service they provide, check out the listing below, Im not quite sure I understand it, does the seller mean her item was authenticated at MPRS?I also heard they sell or authenticate counterfiet handbags, what is the deal here :confused1:

    Sorry!here is the link...
  2. IDK, there's something fishy about that bag (the serial # looks funny)and the fact that the seller changed thier ID in the last 30 days. I'm still in the learning process myself so hopefully more people will chime in.
  3. That's a fake. Tag is completely off.
  4. Yup it's a fake. So many things wrong including tag, rolled tassels, the hardware, the way the tassels are tied and the look of the leather.
  5. ^^ gals, trust me, this fake b-bag listing has nothing to do with MPRS...anybody can mention MPRS in their listings (even though they're not supposed to)...i'm an MPRS approved member & had to go thru a rigorous screening process...and all MPRS members are listed on the "my poupette" website & provide a logo with the direct link to the site in their auctions...i'm guessing this seller just threw that in their listing to try & recruit buyers...sellers like this, who have nothing to do with the organization, help give it a bad name & hope their listing gets pulled soon!!! :tdown:
  6. OMG!!:tdown:
  7. ^^ yay, the listing was removed!!! :woohoo::tup::boxing: