OMG!!! What is WRONG with me? I fell for the price increase...FEDEX ON THE WAY!!!

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  1. Well, ladies (Mrs.S, Pazt, PBC types) and the rest of us (Japster, DQ, icechick), and gentlemen (the only type of guy on here, let's face it!) may recall I fell for another price increase. Well, the goods are on the truck and will be here before 10 AM my time (within 1 hour).

    So, I had decided on a bag in one of the two colors I was going back and forth between. I called on Friday to check because I knew my SA was waiting for some things to come from the other Alaska store and the warehouse so she could send everything out in one shipment. I was afraid the sale had not been rung up yet, and the bags were going up on Monday...:sweatdrop:
    THEN...just as I was hanging up with my SA, who of course is always on top of everything...she whispered about another bag they just got in.. IN THE OTHER COLOR I WAS TORN ABOUT!

    Well, after about 45 seconds of agonizing soul searching :sweatdrop:and furious math,:Push: I went ahead with that one too! Where is the smily for crazy lady???
  2. :yes::yes: I can't wait to see what you go L2SHB!! How exciting!!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    omg, i can't stop laughing.
  4. AAAahhh! whatisit???? You got 2???
  5. Just got here..brb...
  6. Omg this is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!
  7. reval time! :woohoo:

    :popcorn:Can't wait to see your goodies!
  8. Oh, and Mree, my former RAOK sister...I'm not sure whether to include you in the "lady" group, or the "rest of us" group! ;)

    Oh, and I forgot, Rocker belongs in the lady group because she didn't use profanity when I got us lost going from Madison to Wall Street! :hysteric::police:(To be fair, I didn't know about the construction that blocked us from getting on the FDR where I used to always get on...)
  9. So exciting. Can't wait to see what you've got :woohoo:
  10. Yipeee, sounds like 2 bag reveals!!!
  11. I LOVE your 45 secs soul searching!! LOL!!!!!!
  12. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! i came home just in time for your reveal!!!! (i also missed a fedex delivery of my own! ggrrrrr!!!)
  13. Ok, I thought there were going to be a couple of Tohu Bohu twillys in the box also, but I guess not? Anyway, on with the show...wrinkly, like me, but no cellulite!

    ARGH!! I'm trying to remember how to condense the files on the mac!!! working!!:sweatdrop:
  14. SOOOO EXCITIING!! I cannot wait for the DOUBLE REVEAL!!
  15. A live one! I love your thread title, luv2shophandbag. Comon comon!