OMG!! what is going on?? -rant-

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  1. my 4, almost 5 yr old son has been potty trained for more than 2 yrs. hardly ever an accident during the night...maybe 3 times in those years, and never an accident while awake. starting as of thursday night he has started peeing himself. he is holding it for too long and then rushes to the bathroom and then can't get his pants off quick he wets himself all the way to the shoes. he did it friday, saturday, sunday and then today at school. so my dh had to take him a change of everything but a shirt. so i talked about it with him today, and i tell him that he needs to make sure to go potty when he first feels it and not wait until he is about to have an accident. he of course says "OK!" with a smile and runs off to play...well now im just about to blow up. im trying to get dinner done and taking care of mack and telling my oldest son that he needs to do his homework and my 4 yr old shouts for me...i say "shhhh, not so loud". he shouts again and i ask "yes?" and he says "i just pooped my pants!!"!! :yucky::sick::throwup::censor: so to say the least i am so not happy at the moment!!!
  2. That does not sound normal to me. Has there being a change in his eating and drinking routine? Has he been acting different lately? I remember you posting a thread on your son being bullied...I would be concerned that the two are related. I don't mean to scare you! Just try to speak to him very seriously and ask him what is going on instead of just changing his clothes and letting him go play. He could just be going through a stage and this may be temporary but you should still address it. My son who just turned 5 has had accidents but not really while awake but it still gets me upset! I know how you feel!!! :sad:
  3. It does sound normal to me. At that age kids get distracted and push the limits. My son is 5 and the other day we were at Target and he was walking kinda funny. I kept asking him if he needed to go to the Potty and he said no, he wanted to continue to look at toys. As soon as we got past the toy isle he said I need to go Potty. Even when he is at home he will start his pee pee dance and we have to tell him to stop playing and head to the bathroom. He even had a little poo accident this weekend because it's a fine line between gas and poop.

    It's VERY frustrating but you have to try to be consistent. Make sure he takes off his own pants and washes himself. Good Luck.
  4. Yeah, sounds normal to me too. Both my boys went through a phase where they would do that. They'd just get involved with whatever they were doing and not pay attention to the fact that they needed to go. It passed pretty quickly. Just re-iterate that he needs to pay closer attention to his body and go at the first sign he needs to go to avoid accidents. I wouldn't make *too* big a deal about it though, or it could turn into something more.
  5. It's completely normal for kids to regress in some way with potty issues - especially boys. Sure, there can sometimes be underlying issues, but many times there is no rhyme or reason to it.
    My son was completely potty trained at about 3 1/2 and then all of a sudden, he absolutely refused to poop in the potty. He claimed that he was scared and there was not a single thing we could do to "make" him go in the potty. We dealt with more accidents than I care to remember and it was by far, the most frustrating thing I've had to deal with as a parent. The scary part was that he actually started to purposefully hold in his poop because he was afraid to go. Sometimes, the withholding can lead to serious medical conditions. We talked to our pediatrician, who assured us that these setbacks were normal and he encouraged us to add more fiber, more live foods, and less processed foods in his diet. Problem solved. We don't know if it was the changes in his diet or just coincidence that led him back to the potty. It was over a 6 month process, but we're finally back to normal.
    Hang in there with your guy. The biggest thing we learned was trying as hard we could to NOT show our anger/frustration with him. His shame & embarrassment would only make matters worse by highlighting the whole experience and turning it into major family drama. Keep cool and work with him on it until it passes. Best of luck - I know how hard it is!
  6. Not that this is reassuring, but I have a 7 year old and a 9 year old boy, and each of them sometimes will still get a look of panic, stop what they are doing and RUN to the bathroom! They just get so distracted that they don't notice until it is an emergency. They do not have accidents at their age (well, at least they haven't yet), but they cut it pretty close sometimes. Oh, and my 5 year old dd will be playing while holding herself between the legs and doing the "potty dance". It isn't until someone says, "Do you need to use the bathroom?" that she looks surprised and then, like her brothers, RUNS for the bathroom while saying, "YES!!"

    It does strike me as odd that he has actually had accidents that many days in a row, though. Especially after he has been trained for so long. Once in a while at that stage is normal, but regular accidents strikes me as odd. But that is probably just because my kids didn't do it; all children are different. Have you asked him if anything is the matter or why he has had so many accidents lately? I know this is probably frowned upon, but I told my kids when they started school that other kids would laugh at them and call them names if they had a potty accident in their pants, so they always had to at least try to use the bathroom whenever their teacher took the class to the bathrooms. I didn't want to shame them, but what I told them was true. And none of them have had an accident while at school.

  7. My 9-year-old son does this, too. All the time. He just doesn't want to stop what he's doing to get up and go. Maybe it just has something to do with the ages between newly-potty-trained and.....I don't know. Near puberty!?!? My oldest daughter never did do that, but my 3-year-old daughter sometimes does, too. Maybe it's just a control issue.

    It sure is frustrating, though. Especially when I find dirty underwear in my son's room because he couldn't be bothered to go put them in the dirty clothes after changing.:nono::mad::yucky:
  8. Yes it can be normal to some kids, however, if this is has been happening 4 days straight then it sounds like there is prob some other underlying issue. A 5 year old can have an accident here and there but very rarely will it happen 4 days in a row. Also Ilovepinkhearts mentioned that this has rarely ever happened in the past so something prob happened to trigger this. Anything as simple as a change in his eating habits could cause this.
  9. thanks for all the reassurances ladies! :smile:

    bad thing is he did it again this morning...or sometime in the night. all his night clothes were soaked along with the carpet in their room [the boys share a room]. my oldest son is a bed wetter, we talked with the pedi about the reasons and i fully understand it, though i don't enjoy it all. but my lil guy was so good at not wetting the bed or having accidents. it's just so frustrating....we ask why he went potty in his clothes and his response is "because" and then finally he tells us that he didn't get to the restroom quick enough.

    and yesterday after school i was making him lunch and i asked if he needed to potty and he said "i can hold it" i told him that no he doesn't need to hold it he needs to go and go now. he went and it was later when my older son was home and they were playing on the DS that he pooped his pants.

    im hoping it's just a phase ...his is getting so big. he will 5 on sunday.

    oh and nothing has really changed around here besides the fact that he is almost 5. food is the same, schedule is the same....
  10. Don't worry it'll pass. Maybe you should ask him every 2 hours if he needs to go...kind of like we do when they are starting to use the potty. Just be patient and try not to show him you are angry or upset.
  11. ^I think that's a good idea.

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, D! I really hope it passes soon!
  12. My middle guy regressed last year when his big brother started school again in the fall. He is very sensitive to change so I figured out that was why it was happening. Try talking to your son to see if anything new is going on at school or if anything is bothering him.
    The regression didn't last too long, maybe 2 weeks at the most. Good luck.
  13. so far so no accidents. yesterday was good until about 5ish...he went to his room and then came back in different pants. he had wet himself and then tried to hide the pants...took care of it and talked more.

    *fingers crossed* it's on it's way out!
  14. This worked for me and my now 4-year old boy. He used to wet no less than 4 briefs a day. We then asked him to go to the potty every hour or so even if he doesn't have the urge to pee. He's doing good for months now but I have to say he does backslide here and there especially when he's so busy playing. One time he did the pee dance and we asked him to go...he ran to the potty like there's no tomorrow and started to pee only to realize the lid was not lifted...what a mess!:true:
  15. If this is a new and sudden thing with your child, it may not be normal.

    DS (6 on Saturday), started with similar behaviour when he was about 4.5. Turns out he had a UTI (he has a congenital issue that has led to a couple of these). Even though they are rare for a boy, I would talk to your pediatrician if this continues just to rule out any physical issues.