OMG What I have missed Re vernis

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  1. I just checked and they dont show the vernis pti anymore ...
    I was hoping to get one on my trip to Vegas in march...

    ( please delete if there is a thread on this)

    On a side note, what is the price for the vernis pti in th US?
  2. They have removed several Vernis items from the site that are still available in the boutiques. The items may be discontinued, but are still available. Not sure why LV does this. The Vert Bronze Alma is not on the site, but there are about 40 available in the US....
  3. ok thanks ... I was worried...
  4. I think the pti in vernis and epi are gone, at least here in the uk shops
  5. I think they are still available in the boutiques.
  6. one great thing about Vegas there are so many LV's so close to each other. I think there are 5 (maybe more) on the strip. They even just opened a free standing LV that looks HUGE. I have not been to Vegas since it has opened.
  7. Yes they do.. Mark was just at the new one when he was in vegas a few weeks ago... I cant wait to go there.... :smile: :yahoo:
  8. I KNOW!! I'm going to Vegas again this summer; I have relatives there. I can't wait to see the newest store. The video online looks FABULOUS!! My daughter suggested that I take up a life quest to visit every LV in the world...LOL! Out of the mouths of babes, right?! :happydance: