OMG!! What I have been waiting for: LV Epi Red Speedy

  1. I just saw on Eluxury the RED Epi Speedy 25. They finally have it red. Is the red/silver a good choice? Opinions PLEASE!!!:biggrin:
  2. Great choice. I love the new silver hardware. It makes the bag that much more wearable =)
  3. If you've been waiting for it, snag it! The silver is much more modern looking than the gold. Be quick, as I might have to buy it before you! LOL, I'd never do that to a forumer!

    hmm- I don't see it- did ya get it?
  4. I put it in my shopping cart. Funny earlier today while I was doing the Live Chat on Eluxury I asked them if they would be getting the Epi Speedy 25 in red anytime soon. And just now I noticed that they have it in red, how ironic is that??!! I think I will get it!!
  5. This one plus the Damier Speedy 25 that I just ordered, and the credit card bill hasn't come yet on my 1st LV Mono Speedy. YIKES!! I can't be stopped!!
  6. missypoo you are on a roll!!
  7. Your'e right I just looked again and now the red/silver color is gone. I just bought it now. YIPEE and YOWZAA the same time!!
  8. I'm so in trouble guys. I'm gonna have to hide these precious cargos next week.
  9. Oh now Eluxury is saying that they are having process my order and that I should notify them. What's up with that?
  10. problems
  11. Figured it out, I punched in the wrong numbers on the three digit verification number on the credit card....MY BAD!! I fixed it and now I officially bought the red EPI Speedy 25.
  12. AND the damier speedy =)
  13. You are on fire , congrats !!!
  14. :love: congrats on your EPI RED speedy! today at work i saw a lady with a Saint-Jacques Poignees Longues in RED but it had gold hardware! i couldn't stop staring at it! The colour is amazing!!!! congrats on your new LV pieces! :amuse:
  15. Great choice! I looked at the red epi speedy yesterday at LV in Saks. It's gorgeous, especially with the silver hardware :heart: Congrats!