OMG!! What have I just done?!?!

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  1. Hello,

    I am new to the forum and new to beautiful handbags in general. I thought I really, really wanted a Fendi spybag, I do really, really want a Fendi spy bag, but for some inexplicable reson I have just gone and bought a Balenciaga?!?! :wtf:

    I know nothing about handbags, most I have ever paid was about £20 from M&S! My obsession for handbags is very recent, I suddenly just found myself longing for a beautiful handbag (no idea why?) Well, after weeks of searching for the perfect bag I found the Chloe Heloise, I thought 'this is it'.....but then, I stumbled on the Fendi Spy bag and it was love at first sight :heart: Thats the bag for me I thought, I will tell hubby when he gets home from work to get the credit card out......

    And then I started browsing around, just looking (as you do) and found a Balenciaga bag (I had never even heard of them before) the colour of it just blew me away, the most amazing pinky red, I'm not sure about all the tassles (a bit OTT for plain old me) but the colour is just mezmarising, the next thing I know I am clicking 'buy' then Im at the checkout, then I get the conformation email!!!! I am in a total state of shock, I have never spent this amount of money on a bag or anything else for that matter! :wtf:

    I dont know if I got a bargain? its a a Rubino City model 115748 and I paid £400 for it from a reputable dealer so definatley not a fake.

    OMG I didnt even know before today what balenciaga was, but now I have the most stunning coloured bag on its way to me, am I going to LOVE it? I hope so! I am really excited, I will take loads of photos when it gets here :smile: :yahoo:

    Thanks for letting me waffle on!
  2. Congratulations and welcome. :heart:

    Please post photos when you get it. In the future, (and believe me, once you have one in your hands, there is a future one...)it's always best to authenticate Balenciaga bags here, on the "Authenticate This," thread.

    While you are waiting, be sure to spend some time on the forum familiarizing yourself with everything about Bal bags. :yahoo:
  3. Thanks for the kind welcome :smile: I bought the bag from Crush, which is well known in the UK and they guarantee all their merchandise is 100% genuine. I would be too chicken to buy anything off ebay or an auction site although I am sure there are great deals to be had for people who know exactly what they are looking at. Its good to know that this site has so many people willing to help out in the authentication thread, how wonderful to have peace of mind when making a purchase thanks to the knowledge of these people :smile:
    I think I will spending every spare minute until mine arrives reading everything about Balenciaga bags on this site!

    Thanks once again :smile:
  4. I hope you still plan on getting your SPY!!!!!

    Both bags are gorgeous (Spies and BBags)! Do you know what style you bought?

    Congrats on your new bag! Surely this will be the first of many!
  5. Welcome..Ha! you sound so familiar, maade me smile..please post pics when your beautiful City arrives..
  6. Your bag is truly stunnng, Ptarmigan. I just saw it on the site.
  7. u should still get the spy. it's so gorgeous!
  8. Welcome and looking forward to seeing your pics when it arrives.
  9. Ohhhh girls I am sooooo dissapointed :cry: I got an email off Crush this morning apologising that the bag is out of stock and the website hasnt been updated because the person who deals with it is on holiday!

    Then I went into a flat panic because I got several emails off friends saying that Crush are being invesitigated for selling fake bags :wtf: This is horrible news, I would have paid extra money to buy from them because I wanted to be sure I was buying an authentic item :tdown:

    So its back to the drawing board for me, I found the perfect bag and my dreams were shattered! Does anybody know where I can buy a genuine 100% not even a remote possibility of being a fake Bally bag online?

    And Yes, I am still definatley getting the Spy, I know that the sellers are Genuine but unfortunatley they dont deal in Balenciagas.

    I think I need to eat some chocolate now......:crybaby:
  10. Aw, I'm so sorry. Check the Bal reference threads for reputable sites. You'll find your bag!
  11. That's awful, Ptarmigan :tdown: I was a hairsbreadth away from buying that bag myself. I don't live near a Bbag stockist, and need to travel to the UK to see them IRL. I don't know where you live, but Balenciaga bags can be bought at Brown's of London, and Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, etc to name a few. I was going to check out Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh when I was in Scotland a few weeks ago, but I didn't have time to go to Edinburgh. Doesn't it just show you, when a thing looks too good to be true, it probably is. Hope you find the bag you're looking for soon. I love the Spy as well. Good Luck! :smile:
  12. Welcome to the Bal site! :balloon: I was about to say, £400 is an amazing deal if you could get a Rubby City. Rubby is a 2008 color so it should be new. But I strongly doubt anyone could afford selling an authentic City that cheap.

    Don't worry. There are so many beautiful Bal bags around. Just make sure to post its pictures and link (if you are buying it online) before making your commitment. Again, welcome to the Bal site!
  13. Thanks everyone, well fortunatley I managed to get the transaction cancelled in time with my bank so no harm done. I think I am going to stick with the Department stores as suggested, at least then I know I'm getting the real thing and they should hopefully be able to supply me with a little aftersale support should I need it!

    Well, the search begins, if and when I find my perfect bag I will let you know :smile:
  14. aww sorry things didn't work out. hopefully you find another or get the fendi spy bag you've been wanting.