OMG - what have i done???

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  1. ekekekek, i should of just got straight into my work this morning when i got here! BUT now im an owner of this:

    how bad am i??? and its not even May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope its the real deal - thanks to IntlSet for her quick help!!!!

    omg, i hope i havent made a mistake!!!!!!
  2. You're hilarious!! I can't keep off the forum and ebay while I'm at work, either. It's gorgeous! Enjoy it :smile:
  3. Helen, I hate to be a party pooper, but I really question the authenticity of bags this seller is selling. Some buyers had stated the bags are sent from Taiwan, and the seller says she is from CA. I hope the bag you get is indeed authentic, please keep us updated.
  4. hey everyone!

    ok, im a retard! i have to admit i must be like the nuttest person on this forum!

    anyway, i PM-ed some PF members and they have helped me realise that its not the real deal.... im so sad but i mean seriously if i had doubts in the first place of course it can't be real... i think ive lost it!

    therefore, i've sent the eBayer an email saying sorry for bidding etc... i dont mind the bad feedback - i think im just gonna stick to the PF marketplace and get a chanel - hehehe!

    if anything explodes - i'll let you guys know. thank you so much for all the advice and support OH its SO karama - im not suppose to buy a chanel until i hit 3 months of being smokefree!!!

    serves me right
  5. Oh no. I impulse buy too :smile: I hope it all works out without too much negative feedback!! I think a couple of people have Chanel in the WTS forum :smile:
  6. hey
    do you think i could get a Chanel for like $1000 US Dollars???? any thoughts on what a grand could get me?
  7. Bluefly have deals on Chanel sometimes. But, but, but, I seriously remember that Chanel doesn't authorize sales of their products online. That's why you don't see it on NM or Bergdorf's site. I'm not sure how Bluefly obtained their license (or if they have one at all) to sell Chanel's products online.
  8. wowwww... I always wondered how Bluefly had chanels when BG, NM never has them on thier sites!!!
  9. Just curious as to why you all think this bag is fake? How can you tell. I am learning about Chanels now so I am curious. Do you think that bag is not the actual bag being sent? Are those pictures of legit bags?
  10. I think the smallest Chanel flap bag is $995 for lambskin (though they might've raised the price). It's long and narrow, reminds me of a LV damier recoleta.

    Also I think LVbabydoll commented that she got her Vday Chanel bag for $600 something.
  11. The pictures actually look ok to far as her feedback goes...I am not sure why she would lie about her location.
    The one thing that does concern me is that some are saying the condition of her bags are not as stated, meaning that it can be more beat up then she is disclosing.
  12. The cambon pochette is about $895 I think.
    They also came out with a new pochette like bag with adjustable strap for $995.
  13. Hi Helen, I think she sells real stuff. I bought a bag from her and am waiting to receive it. I have been bidding on that same bag for the last week and have done serious research on this bag. I even used an auction sniper service last night that screwed up the deal and I lost it even though my high bid was $625 and it sold for $622. They usually sell for around $600. I am the high bidder on one that is going off tonight but I went up to $700 just because I want to be done with it and I want my bag. There is another one with a BIN for $699. that is real too.. qphype often has this bag and he is the real deal too. There are plenty of these bags that are real on ebay but don't be so impulsive silly girl. I think people all got their tax returns because the bids are going higher than usual with a lot of people bidding. Let me look at your bag closely and if I don't win my bag for $700 tonight maybe I'll just take it off your hands if you don't want it.
  14. \

    hey selena

    just the location - someone told me about it! its a bit odd - i just thought if you're selling the real deal you'd at least state where its coming from :amuse:
  15. mello yellow jen = thanks for that, i'll PM her and ask her about it! :smile:

    loren = thanks so much! i have no idea whats gotten into me...

    man this is totally wigging me out... i dont know what to do anymore! ahahahahahah