OMG What have I done???

  1. I have just bought a Magenta Hanover bag from the outlet (Via phone)
    I've been looking for a while and just sooo love the colour, the thing I haven't seen one IRL!!!
    I wear loads of black and navy and just think it might give me a bit of colour through the winter.
    I was saving for the Somerset tote but couldn't resist as it had 30% off.
    My plan is to sell some of my Radley bags to pay for it, then still get my Somerset for Xmas...

    TELL ME I'M NOT MAD......:wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  2. Could you tell me which outlet you bought it from?
  3. Shepton Mallet in Bath.
  4. Sounds lovely. Please post pics when it arrives! :nuts:
  5. I think you've done really well - you've bought a current season Mulberry for 30% off, that's a really good purchase. If you're selling your existing bags to pay for it, that's all the better. I sold a black Tod's bag to pay for my black Araline back in January and am really pleased I did :yes:

    The pink hanover is a gorgeous bag - really eye catching - and I see from the website that it's glove leather which is another plus, less easy to scratch than the darwin

    Did they tell you why it's at the outlet? Are there any marks or anything?

    Seems like Shepton have got a few new season bags in stock - the Hanover, the Mabel.... I wonder what they'll have at Bicester when I (finally) make my return trip? *credit note burns a hole in dita's pocket* :lol:
  6. dita, I've never had a glove leather bag before, the shop assistant looked the bag over and couldn't see anything obvious on the bag, a tiny tiny mark to the base?? So I hope she had her glasses on.
    I've looked at this colour for ages, but it's sold out on the Website and I don't really want to buy another one off eBay, too stressful.
    My work uniform is all navy so I hope this will brighten it in the winter.
  7. I saw that bag yesterday rachie, it is certainly very striking!
  8. Oooh, striking good or striking sunglasses??

    I have loads of classy bags and just wanted something funky and fun...
  9. Well it is definitely bright, and a really nice colour, I think. The grain of the leather was nice and regular too. It was right in one far corner on the top shelf. Actually, they had a lot of nice stuff there yesterday, sometime it can be a bit hit and miss.
  10. Thanks Jazzy, it sounds like they have alot of good bags at the mo, Tara also got her Midnight mabel which I think looks lovely on the website.
    I hope I've done the right think but I keep getting drawn back it it everytime I look at the Mulberry site.
  11. Congrats - the Hanover is such a cool bag :supacool: And you'll get your splash of colour - I'm sure it's going to look just gorgeous!
  12. Wow fab, if you wear loads of black and navy it'll be great for an injection of colour in the winter!
  13. :tup::yahoo::drool:
  14. Congrats - I love this bag and the colour is to TDF. I think you will love it!
  15. I can assure you, magenta will look superb with those colours! :tup: