OMG! What have i bought?? @_@

  1. omg omg omg!!!!!! I must be crazy! Was surfing the net for some filofax inserts, and came accross blufly. typed in Chanel routinely to see what handbag they have, and bam! i saw black 2.55 diamond flap, heck i don't even know the the line that well! It's measurements are 14 x8 1/2x2 1/2, somehow i just pulled out my handy dandy amex and just click checkout, all w/n 2 min!!!! Darn it, i must done too many X-mas shopping online (bad habit-speed through check out b/4 item is out of stock *smack finger*)

    Should i return? i mean the price is a little over 2k, i am sure more Chanel educated tpfers will appreciate it more, and it certainly it's classic after all, but my ultimate dream flap is in lambskin :crybaby:
    Bluefly - Designer apparel & accessories for women - save up to 75% every day - #2061014 - Chanel black quilted leather medium shoulder bag
  2. pfft, just saw the link "save up to 75% everyday.....i am sure all i saved was the stupid tax since it's still rocket high price for a student.
  3. Retail on the 228 was around $2200 before taxes.
  4. :yucky:
    huh?? the price is 2160! Well, i am sorry to say, but i am 1000% sure it will be on it's way back to blufly as soon as it arrive at my door step! I want the lambskin, not 'matte leather' as blufly put it!
  5. It is lambskin I think. . . they call it distressed lambskin.
  6. Yup, that should be lambskin. Beautiful bag!:yes:
  7. It's a gorgeous bag tho! Yummmmmmm! Personally, I would prefer it with silver hardware... But to spend $2K plus on a bag :balloon: I think you would have to be in loooooooooove with it to keep it!
  8. very beautiful
  9. okay, you got me there, my plan was only open the box to fill out the return form, b/c if i dare to try it on me, don't think i have the heart to return it :sweatdrop: but i still think i am not educated(Chanel wise) enough to appreciate such handbag, since classic flap will always be in store, i plan to purchase one after i educate myself more about Chanel. Classic flap could be a great self award for a special achievement.:p
    Besides, i really can't think of a place to carry Chanel here in SA, would be pointless for me to carry Chanel for show off, most pp tell me "eww that's such a granny bag" when i told them how i love to learn more about classic flap.
  10. hi! well, if your heart is set on another type of Chanel, i have learned from experience that it doesn't really work to talk ourselves into what will always be whenever we wear it, "second best". But, if anyone says to you "granny bag" please ignore! Maybe its a granny bag to them if they're between the ages of 4 and 8 lol

    Chanel a granny bag? :indignant look:: we don't think so! :rolleyes:
  11. ^^ that's why i LOVE TPFers! Only tpfers share the same level of passion for handbags. thank you for advising me not to settle for the second best, and i would hate to keep this just b/c i save couple of $ on tax.
  12. No, the reissue is made of distressed calfskin, not lambskin. But the reissue is an amazing bag! I :heart: my grey one!
  13. I have 2 reissues - a 227 in grey and a 226 in dark white and I absolutely love them. This is the classiest bag ever!!!!!!! This is a 2005 anniversary edition and very hard to come by, I believe. If you return this and decide later you want one you probably will not be able to find it. Don't return it right away - try it on for several days before making your final decision. Good luck - you'll know what that right decision is when you see it.
  14. sigh, after doing some reasearch, i think the one i order is the 228 XL? I've seen post regarding the auth. of Chanel Blufly sold, how can i check to see if it's the real deal?
  15. Once you receive it, post pics - there are several people here who can verify authenticity. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.