OMG! What happened to my lambskin baby??

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  1. Hi girls, I need some serious help here. I was going through all my babies today and discovered my purple lambskin flap turned out to be like this! I've only used it twice and have been storing it in its box. I am guessing could it be the extreme heat that Melbourne experienced recently? I am so shocked because I am pretty sure I stored it properly as I am really careful with my bags, I am heart-broken:crybaby:

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  2. OMG OMG OMG :wtf:
    so sorry to hear that!
    Is that happens to lambskin every often???
    Waiting for expert to explain!!!
  3. I am very sorry to heard that,I have experience Just like you,I took my bag to chanel,but can not repair. I am heart-broken...:cry::cry:
  4. :shocked::shocked::wtf::wtf:

    I am so sorry that happened to you....
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    NOOoooooo!! pinkywhite, just wondering how did yours happen?
  6. Wow it's definitely not normal. Nothing was resting on top of the bag at all? How long has the bag been in storage? Sorry that this happened.. It is always advisable not to store a leather bag in its box for long periods of time, to allow good air circulation.

    I'm sure it's nothing to do with the weather though.. I am in Melbourne as well and it has been a cool summer overall! There were a few hot days but.. not extraordinary temperatures..
  7. It was stored in its Chanel box so there was absolutely nothing on top of the bag, its been in storage for 2 years, but occasionally I will take it out to check it, last time I checked was few months ago
  8. oh boy, so sorry to hear this!
  9. Quite possibly it was lack of air circulation that caused the leather to start breaking down.. is there a change in texture/ feel of leather on those parts? Sorry again that it happened :sad: I would ask Chanel and reputable leather repairers in your area for what opinions they have and whether there is a chance of fixing it.

  10. I stored it in clean, dust-free area, properly put in the box. Not sure what happened:confused1:

    So I sent this bag to Chanel, and lady there give me a big smile:smile:, told me this bag is out off shape, can't be repaired~:cry:
  11. No, the texture hasn't changed on those parts
  12. first i want to say what a pretty color!!!!! kind of weird it happened cause Chanel instructions for storage is to keep them in dust bag so i wonder what happened. so sorry.
  13. jupar, the poor bag looks all out of shape! :shocked::shocked::shocked: I'm so so so sorry this happened to you... I've never seen a lambskin flap become like that before. All my lambskins are still pristine. My guess would be that something was resting on it, but from what you recounted, I really can't tell how that could've happened! :sad:
  14. so sorry this has happened....i believe i saw some threads regarding flattened quilts, and they mentioned that keeping the bag in its dustbag for extended periods of time can do damage to the bag due to lack of air circulation. apparently you have to take it out fairly often to let it "breathe"
  15. So sorry to hear about this. Hope something can be done.